Facebook overwrote my account


Hey all,
I’ve been playing RTS for a couple years now on and off, and recently started up again. I bought a couple things and got several really nice characters, and decided to back up the profile through Facebook. Trouble is when I did so, it loaded up an old account I must have linked in the past, and now I can’t access my newest account. I’ve contacted scopely support with reciepts and a description of the account I want back, and have not received a response yet, so I’m trying any avenue I can to recover my account. I wanted it back really soon as the new Clementine just released. Any help would be appreciated



Use another device to play rts, then link that with the Facebook account, then go back to your original device and the other account will be back


I tried that, and it just swapped the new account on the new device to my old one. I don’t understand how that’s even possible.


that is strange, have a look in the regions to make sure, as might have just been put in a different region to your old account, otherwise will have to wait for support to help


As far as I know you can only have 1 account linked to Facebook. There could be a case where the email you are using is somehow linked to 2 FB accounts. Are you sure you are using the correct password for the account you are looking for?

I know this from personal experience with FB. I have 2 Accounts somehow linked with same email (one is tied to 2 emails, the other just the one) and different passwords. It may be worthwhile to investigate and even contact FB support.


I appreciate the help everyone. It’s not the region, as the new device’s account only has 1 region available for some reason. It might be the multiple accounts to one email thing. I’ve contacted support and hopefully they will help me soon


I had a really weird situation last summer. I had decided to quit, and gave my FB account info to a factionmate to log in and play it. After she took over, I went back on the game and I had her mini account that had been on her device where she logged into mine pop up. We were able to switch them back later by me logging back into my FB on my device. So in theory, you should be able to log back in on the old device, and switch the accounts places. Unless you were on the same device as the old account orignated on when you linked the new account. Then I’m thinking it would be overwritten possibily permanently.


Yeah when the account switch didn’t work I switched it back to my Facebook account on the old device. If I’m gonna be stuck with the wrong account I at least want one that has a little something to it. I sent a few messages through their support and sent message to JB, the community manager on here. Any idea how long it usually takes for a reply on these things?


As long as you have your account code and proof of ur last purchase you should get ur account back. Unfortunately, scopely support is super slow


Usually 24 hours, but since it is Friday, probably won’t hear anything till Monday. They don’t work weekends.


Alright cool. I don’t have the account code but I have two email receipts with purchases I made. I also sent the messages 2 days ago, but hopefully by Monday I get some help. Thanks again everyone


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