Facebook issue(Blocked acc, YOLO LIFESTYLE)


I’m living a rts life full of fear haha, my fb account got blocked and support team gave me no answer but to go love myself harder… so every day I wake up I look into my game to see if it’s still connected with my account. Have u faced that issue? Is it common? Any solution available? Thanks for helping out


Ouch, that doesn’t seem like fun. I would worry a lot as well! I think that it certainly bears some thought, since more and more people are opting to move away from social networking sites such as FaceBook as a form of login. I think a suggestion for alternative ways of linking the game account has been brought up, such as a dedicated TWD RTS login, so I certainly hope that is in the works. I find myself wanting to shutdown my FaceBook account as well since I’m never on it. :smiley:

Edit: I found that point in this suggestion thread -


Lmao, why’d your Facebook get blocked?


I participated in bricks youth leadership forum and guys from South Africa wanted to keep in touch with me, thus I created my page right away and I completely forgot that I actually already had one… which I used to log in for rts. And since my new page was on the same mail address the old one got banned :frowning:


Guess I’ll just wait for something like that, thanks sunshine, you are helpful as always :muscle:t2:


I don’t know what the Android equivalent of IOS’ Game Center is btw. So I just said Play Store. Also… apparently I don’t pay attention to this things the Game Center app has been removed since IOS 10… the more ya know… It’s still it’s own section is settings but it seems like the things that it does are done through the compatible games now instead of through the dedicated app.


I agree, it is quite weird, but I daren’t tinker around with it too much, since I have 2 accounts on 2 different devices and I’m not quite sure which one is linked to the Game Center haha.

I actually find the account login part that the FFX app had (the one with TapJoy offers) quite convenient to use. A dedicated login for TWD RTS would be awesome!


I spent two weeks, it seems like I gave up too early



As we have stated, the link to the Facebook is permanent. We can’t change it from our side and also, players can’t do it from their side as well. If you have any more issues in the game, make sure to let us know.

We are happy to help you :slight_smile:

Scopely Support Team"


Don’t worry about customer support, they are incompetent. Try bringing this issue to higher power.


Okay, I’ll try :slight_smile: thanks


I tried unlinking my old Facebook as I deleted my old fab account, however when I asked support Tom unlink they said it was impossible from their end to unlink it. I explained impossible as that fab account no longer exsists so I hit a dead end.

I then tried to swap over to android so I could sync with game centre started a new game and they said only way they could switch even after giving all details and sending message. Was to provide a receipt for a recent in game purchase to prove I was the owner. :frowning


P2P privilege is strong with this one haha
Sorry to hear that


That’s rough man, I’m sorry



Linking to a FB account is permanent. On the other hand you can unlink.