Face it games never going to die

i already quit week ago

Why quit over anything?
Just keep on surviving.

Lol I had a few pop up on YouTube today, surprising really as I’ve never seen them there beforr

Did you get the choices one? The one that makes it seem like the game offers you lots of choices that actually matter, when in reality neither of those things are true…

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Yes lol, when the guy saves the little kid, also one of Michonne sharpening her sword before attacking a horse of zombies, and another of a pair of hands which look like they belong to a zombie playing the game

horde damn autocorrect,:unamused:

I enjoy the fact that those ads cost Scopley money yet they’re preaching to the converted

The game won’t die until all the whales stop spending. All of the f2p could walk right now and it wouldn’t change a single thing for scipley. The whales won’t have the f2p to beat up on and that’s about the only difference a mass exodus of f2p would make.


The games dead when people stop spending. Ive counted 5 people in my faction so far that have pulled the latest promo… so times this by what? Hundreds of factions? It aint dying anytime soon

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this game has nothing left snd it is dead long ago

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I think people want to quit don’t want to actually do it on their own, so they’re wishing Scopely would shut things down so the decision is made for them.


Ummm. Hordes. Nightmare survival road. Faction milestones (glossing over the shameful lack of thinking any of it through).

They are trying. Just totally clueless and managed by people who don’t play the game to understand what we want or need.

I pulled the new dr s on faction milestone coins and some tapjoy offer coins. So it can be done. But I count my blessings when it does.

It might not die but it died for me. I dont bother with any events at all. War 0, raids 0, sr 0 and lvl up some points might get here.

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