Fac Lvl Up 10/10


Those rewards though :no_mouth:


Reward for 50-26 places does not match the rest at all. I never knew Scopely are THAT lazy.


Definitely not 10/10, maybe 2/10 for rewards like that


That’s a good thing actually. They want to level the playing field and I’m all for it so give those little factions some 6* so the average level can go up and more people feel like they can actually do something in war and everything else.


Lol. do you really believe 50-26 will pull Sandy from that crate?


Yet another copy paste event :thinking:


Ignoring the crazy odds (although across 25 factions of 30 people, there would probably be a Sandy per region) do you genuinely think this is anything other than (yet another) live ops cock up?


This is why I hate faction events outside of war. The rewards are pure garbage and now I have to blow resources for this crap.


I’ll put up points for my fact but we’re fighting it out for 5* gear and ulysses.

Its shite, no incentive to push out other than for faction pride,


If they replaced the silver mods with gold ones and removed that 5-star gear and made it 6-star gear then it would be worth the effort.


Exactly, little things would make the difference.
As it is its lazy and demoralizing


@JB.Scopely you guys know there is a farmable ultra map on Thursdays right? We don’t need 10 bags of ultra gear… update the rewards for Christ sake. Stop copying and pasting terrible rewards from 6 months ago.


Yes. Some will. Let’s say in every one of those factions, there are 30 people in each faction. The chances are low for the crate, but to say none of the people in there will pull her is most likely false.


Those rewards are disgusting… wow


any fac leader that requires minimums for this shit event is a pure asshole


I do. 3 mill minimum… Rewards are actually pretty decent.



Especially the 5 silver mods the 1st place guarantees :laughing:


:rofl: So true. Outside of 100k for war, my fac never does set a min. I just don’t like not being in the top half of my faction when it comes to event scores. I feel guilty if I half-ass them but I am seriously not starting to care much these days. Too much effort for too little in return.


my faction is 500k for everyone that doable even with 5 stars and there where u should try for anyway


No, it’s the 10 bags of sweet completely farmable free roadmap gear that’s what has got me geared up for this awesome treat of a level up. Along with those fantastic milestone rewards how can anyone pass on this cornucopia of crap?

Scopes please start up another earing/leash event asap. At least then we will have somewhat of a reason to participate in your boring lackluster poor rewards non-stop events.