Fac looking to transfer to another Wave 3 Region

Hi guys looking for recommendations for our fac which wants to move within wave 3. Looking for actual competition, where the fac ranks change! looking for fun active competition in a region where the people are chill and friendly. Thanks!

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Shameless bump!

What is wrong with Lewis? We would welcome you guys to Cannon. We are fun but very young and may not be open to you. I welcome you to try though.

Cannon is closed this transfer

Imo, there’s nothing wrong with Lewis. But there are people who are wanting to leave it to escape drama, which is understandable. :smile:

Too much drama for some in Lewis :slight_smile: yes cannon is closed.

Bryan is a good region. Some friendly competition between the top 3 factions

Hay guys :smiley:

Might check it out thanks

Yo bro, small world

Lol yeah I saw the topic title and thought to myself “what are the odds that’s my region.”

Hehehe, well Pink is doing well. Hopefully Lewis will get some new players transfer in, it gets a bit boring after several months playing the same people over and over. Good luck!

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Thanks and good luck to you guys as well!

There isn’t anything wrong with Lewis… Just new players thinking they are better than they are and gonna get hit with reality when they move regions.

Its this type of trolling ^^ that turns people off Lewis.

A couple groups of us going to Montgomery I think the more the merrier

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Albert :ok_hand:

Effingham a good wave 3 region🙂

Lewis will love it if any competitive factions transfer to it :smile:

Come to Berkeley fr fr

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