Fac chat/global chat not working

Hey All,

Anyone else having issues with chat today? It was fine yesterday but today I’m just getting a Connecting message and nothing appears.

Have opened a support case but yet to hear back from them.

I’m on the latest version of the game, iPhone 6s, iOS 10.3.3, based in the UK.

Are you on wifi or mobile data. Mine works fine on wifi bit it doesn’t on mobile data.

its all about firewalls and network provider restrictions - use a virtual ip application to bypass those and it will work.

betternet / hotspot shield / etc… apps like those will solve ur problem

Hi Locky,

It’s on mobile data that it doesn’t work. I don’t have access to wifi right now because I’m at work but to test further, I tethered my phone to another phone over wifi, and connected that way. The 2nd phone was connected to the 4G network and chat worked completely fine.

This only started today.

It’s a new issue though, not a long-standing one. Something is either wrong with this version of the app, or there’s a problem at scopely’s end.

u never know when ping’s or proxy’s get altered - the game data can recognize very few out of billions of possible gates.

I had the same issue go on and off as its happening to u - VPN always solves it.

Thanks bud, I’ll see what sort of responses I get from support and will look into the vpn further down the line. Cheers

I’ve been playing since day 1 and the chat has never worked when I’m on mobile data (iOS).

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I had this issue when I first started playing on my old iPhone 4s with 3G mobile data. As soon as I upgraded to a 6s with 4G, hasn’t failed since.

If you have a newer device, it would definitely be something messing with your internet connection.

I’ve managed to fix this…

Was browsing the net on my phone and a Vodafone webpage appeared. There were a ton of security settings on my account which I disabled.

Soon as I turned off “Vodafone SecureNet”, it started working again.

where u from mick?