FA tickets: daily/weekly average


Why not a daily or weekly average to FA tickets? would be useful to know which factions members are most active.

Total tickets is not very useful since it’s not everyone who joined faction at same time…and also if you quit and come back later it resets to 0…


There is a daily


My face tries to average 600-700 per day. You don’t always hit 600 but if you average it out when wars raids survival road hit then it comes out to about that.


daily AVERAGE not total. read.


If there was even just a log for at least the past 5 days, that’d be sufficient. There’s really no optimal time to check it daily for a good reading of participation in an international faction.


You want a log to show daily averages. It could be asked for but right now you just can see total earned and daily earned. You could always screenshot just before it rolls each day and keep a spreadsheet to track it yourself but that’s too much like work.


lol of course too much work


I misread your initial post. You are asking for the feature to be added. I thought you were asking what we we’re averaging in our respective factions. My bad.