FA Tara? Has anyone got her?

I just finished FA and for the first time out of around 20 FAS I got my first earring. I completely forgot she was a toon until I actualy got the earring. That got me thinking, does anyone even have her? Shes been out for quite a while now but no one has her in lowndes region. Does anyone have her?

Do you have Tara from Faction Assault, either 5★ or 6★

  • Yes
  • No

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I’m one gold earring away from the 5* version, nobody I know of has her either

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I don’t think anyone in my region has her. I myself just got another earring and I wish I hadn’t. Tara isn’t that great and upgrading her is a terrible grind where she will be outdated before she’s even usable.

From what I heard the people who got lucky and very her 6* can’t tier her because you need the fkn flare guns to lvl her

Edited your post and added a poll, hope you don’t mind.


Pretty decent for attack, good AR

Lol thanks, love the vids I’m kinda new to the forums :slight_smile:

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Dont really want her.

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Nope. Not even a single earring.

I’ve done countless t5 FAs, and no earing so far, but i have gotten 2 flare guns though. I believe a faction mate needs two more gold ones to get her.

Obsolete by time anyone gets her. Underwhelmed by the whole faction assault.

faction unity. Nope

Exciting rewards. Nope

Developer taking player feedback. Nope… Worst part was the Q&A that followed that ignored all player feedback.

I expect this to be yet another dead feature.

R. I. P. Faction Assault


I think like everything, the game is moving at a snails pace. It’s taking to long for everything. From releasing toons, to releasing avaialble gear, to gathering FA tickets… everything is too slow. While this might be nice for the new regions, the older regions don’t want to go through a gear crunch in order to squeeze out a few bucks. You already depreciated all the thousands of dollars we spent on our five stars.

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Disagree here. With 30 players the difficulty is well short of challenging. Only challenging part is making sure everyone is on the score board before completion.

When you can complete in less that 30 hits when you get 180 per day within the faction it’s simply a poor design.

If I was green in a fresh region fresh faction might be fun. But man end game is a drag.

Agree with you other points but they are all dragged down by the lack of a challenge (at end game) and time to accrue enough assault tickets to play.

Pure debauchery of a feature.


the problem is you need alot of the flare guns to get her anywhere.

so it’s quite quite the lengthy process to make her lvl 80.

I compare it to prestige michone execpt just luck based.
Getting Tara to max is basically insanely overtuned for her overall power.

Sorta like how now getting prestige 12 is meaningless for Michone lvl 80.
When Tara gets unlocked she will probably be greatly outclassed.

If fac assasut was doable every 5th day that would make it more plausible.

Sure done that with each but Tara which I always seem to have to run greens against her red, but her days are numbered. Unfortunately having to coordinate so much just to make it the slightest bit fun ruins it all for me. Just another faction stress trigger on top of territories.

Would like to believe so, but I remain doubtful anything will come of it as so many features before it.

@kalishane any plans to address this?

Into the black void our voices go… Lost for ever

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Is @kalishane even alive? Haven’t seen her respond to ANYTHING in days now

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Not completely dead because the depot has some nice things but you’re right about the rest. Just got my first plat earring this morning and I wish I had gotten something else. Idc about Tara, no one will every get her to T4…

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Lol let’s nots hope so @kalishane