FA Tara : confusion rush


Just faced off Tara one hour ago. I took my 6* Glenn to test him. I launched his rush, Tara get confused and… She rushed. When all these bugs will stop ?


Maybe she resisted? I wasn’t observing nor will start FA till 9.2 patch, since many have problems with it…


I’ve seen this bug too can confirm she was hit with confuse


Yes the confusion in Assault Faction, Bosses launch their adrenaline despite the confusion and sometimes in assaults but hey, I had already reported in my post section Bug / Confusion and Adrenaline.

But no answer. Short.


FYI I was not at stage 5 (the screenshot shows resistances and immunities) so the resistance was probably lower.
I clearly saw the confusion status just before she rushes. There’s a bug I know what I’m talking about.


Happened to me as well today, and factionmates reported the same.
The confuse icon shows up over the enemy, but the enemy still able to use his rush.


Heh, I read the title fast and I was like

FAT Tara? Well that’s not nice…


It isn’t just with glenn. I have used priya rush and sometimes the oppoment shows to be confused but they rush anyways. A dev must come and check if this is a glitch or a visual bug


It could have happened with shiva but i haven’t noticed it because it affects only 2 enemies. But with priya it was easier to notice specially one time when it happened twice in a fight and all i could say was:


Thanks for posting. Will look into this today


Bug’s been logged