FA problem need help!

Ok I want to start a FA for my peeps but all of our FA screens are showing up normal except one members. His is showing up like this…

He’s tried resetting the game and everything. I don’t want to start without him and he misses out. So how can he fix it then? We really wanted to do a t4 this weekend and I don’t want everyone else to have to wait a long time if there is no fix. Has any other faction had this problem?

@Evilgamergrl83 This happened to me as well. Your members having this issue will want to leave your faction and rejoin. That SHOULD solve the issue as that fixed mine.

Aww crap and it’s faction raid tourney so the member is stuck until after thus weekend. Guess we have to wait on FA :pensive:

Bummer. Sorry about that :(. Hope that the delay just makes you all that more thirsty for it come monday :stuck_out_tongue:

We are already thirsty for it. By Monday we will be absolutely dehydrated :grin:

Thank you for the feedback though. Greatly appreciated :blush:

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Has he updated the game fully? I thought this issue was fixed recently so he might be on an older version

I think he said he did but I’ll ask him again. Fingers crossed that he hasn’t and can update the game.

As mentioned by some of the others here having them leave and rejoin the faction will fix this bug. Had it happen to one of my players last week and doing this did fix the issue for them while support did nothing for two days. Not even an automated response according to him.

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Yeah my guy went and contacted support and still hasn’t heard anything either. We will have to wait until fact raid tourny is over this weekend and try it out. Damn I wish I had thought of coming on here yesterday. Le sigh.

Seems they forgot about support on weekends - this will fix it as we also had one in our faction with the same problem.

Thanks peeps for the help. :slight_smile: I guess I will find out Monday if it works. I’m pretty sure it will though. :blush:

I have this issue as well and seems that the only way to resolve it is by doing what those folks mentioned above (leave and rejoin faction). My issue started before the last update and thought the last update was going to fix the issue.

I did contact support and they wanted a ton of info, just to tell me it has been submitted to the team and no time frame on the fix

Leave the faction and rejoin unfortunately this was thr only fix for me when that screen was showing up for me

To me that is letting them off the hook. It isn’t stopping my faction from doing assaults.