FA John discussion


Wanted to get a FA character but David is way too expensive so I went with John. Anyone who has him what are your thoughts on him? Not that I buy anything from the depot anyways…


I have him at 9/10 on AR and tier 4 level 60. His stats so far are 655 ATTK, 731 DEF, and 1,246 HP. I haven’t used him that much yet. I like that he is a tank, gives bonus HP, and a human shield. Sucks that he is a 4*. I will try to craft a weapon that gives HP, DEF and huge bonus to AP when defending. I will use him on a team that has a revive. Just some thoughts I have on him.


In the current six star meta, he’s unfortunately pretty outdated, but if six stars weren’t around, he’d be absolutely killer. He’s definitely in my top 5 favorite 4 stars


Not gonna lie John better than David rush good and all but at 696 atk he’s basically doing shit even in 5* meta David would be to low dmgimg to use