Fa event when are we getting one

Hello everyone,

The team is still working on improving the FA event - progress have been made but we are still not in the position to have it back on the calendar.


Doesn’t seem like the team has a problem with releasing a knee character that has a known bug on your pinned thread so why can’t they do a faction event even if it’s imperfect?


Nah they are defo not working on it. “A progress was made”? Its been several months already and its just an event for a mobile app. Lol

GR: “Do you guys work on that FA event?”
Team: “Oh, yeah yeah… We are… A huge progress already. A huge. The best progress ever. Err…who wants a pancake?”


“we should be due an Assault update sometime in the next few months…
update should look like, as well as believing the return of an Assault event would do well to accompany it”

‘As per GR’s update’. Lol

Sorry Parker had to give me a second there - lol changed to link etc

This was a promised update since August or September yet you guys have no problem pumping out new S Class every 2 weeks


You mean the team still haven’t figured out how to monetize it so that it is behind a paywall.


Not sure what’s so hard about giving us an event like we have had in the past. The promises said October then pushed back over and over again. We all need a gear event. Tie one into fa event. It doesn’t take a genius to see what players need. There is even opportunity for scopely to make money cuz spenders will spend

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If working s class into these is the hold up, simple, make a quick update to omit s class usage…& run a fa event so we can move on & you can then take 5 years figuring out how to update fa with s class. Once again the playerbase is being neglected, punished, however you want to describe this. Just need to make sure the fa event is over the top great in prizes, since we have waited, waited, waited.

Make the paywall great again! Oh wait…

Depends on a faction. Active factions have been accumulating FA tickets since the original announcement and already have millions of them.

I’m pretty sure this data will be used as a reference while “working out” the prizes. Meaning, that the bar (in difficulty) will be set pretty high. That’s for sure.

The longer the wait the less chances that factions outside of top3 will get anything decent.

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