Fa event when are we getting one

So @GR.Scopely when do you guys think we going to get a fa event


This is the only event people keep asking about, and have been for months

but nooooooo we get a stupid 4* 5* 6* roadmap BS


This actual roadmaps event its one trash thing only the p2p can have very good rewards,S toons promo its too strong,S free are too weak and no have good power and stats.

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You think Angel is too weak?

@GR.Scopely any update on this I thought one was coming between late December early January?

it will now be “May” come jan/feb

Didnt say what year though lol


Didn’t you uninstall the game and quit last week?

Smh i did and thats called adiction


I hope it’s a 4* fa event.


@GR.Scopely @DZ.Scopely @Shawn.Scopely @TayTron
How about some useful information for a change, when you’re not posting stuff and immediately closing the thread?!
It was supposed to happen in December, then got pushed to early January. We’re mid way through January… that’s not early January anymore, but late January!!!
Can you guys do something useful and provide an update on the update of the original post, and maybe give us something tangible?! Just asking for a friend…


They were supposed to update FA according to their promise letter. What an absolute failure of a game mode since the start. Almost equivalent to hordes.


The problem is they never said January. Last comment from Scopely on when we might see another Faction Assault event said end of 2019 or early 2020. That could mean March for all we know, not the first week of January. Unless you’ve seen a post from them actually detailing January.

Regardless if it’s February or next year, they have had since at least September with this update as a promise. No real excuse for this other than they have no idea how to make it functional with the new S Class landscape. Just like Hordes. Pathetic really, they have no problem with a power creep or power leap but they can’t update the rest of the game properly to fit.


Early next year
@GR.Scopely has no idea what early means

early next year = october

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I think they forgot to mention which culture calendar xD

Lets take it back to team and see you in early 2030

Really would love this event to occur asap!

I have not heard back from the team on this but I will re-bump the topic with them.



Does it hurt your feelings they ignore you so blatantly? Because I can tell you when you and your bosses ignore us constantly it’s rather annoying.

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Since promises it’s been 6 months :man_shrugging:t3: Hugs ps I really do like your shiny S

you like his Shiny Schlong :open_mouth:

Now that is dedication trying to get the FA event lol

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