FA event please

Just wondering if there’s gonna be another faction assault event in the future?
@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely

Probably not but one thing we can expect is trash rewards


Another week long FA event for Burt & Brady trainers? No thanks.

I enjoyed the no timers

I barely noticed the previous one. It didn’t seem to make any difference to anything.

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What about the promised mod upgrade event? Do we have any timeframe yet? Thanks

First one was great, second was just ok. If they do a third it will be absolute trash. Thats how Scopely roll.

Please advise ASAP @JB.Scopely, @GR.Scopely


This is not a thing.
This was not promised.
Stop putting words in their mouth.
Just Stop!

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I’m saving up on mods and mod scraps for the last weeks. Equipping my toons with mods, but not upgrading them… :expressionless:

Yeah, sure. I’m also waiting for my ice cream’s S-Priya.

Do you know what the word “promise” means? because this was never promised

Pretty sure the mod event was just a leak nothing confirmed

Yeah, just like the veteran rings and then boom.

So, what about promised S-Priya for ice cream collection? @JB.Scopely

Any chance to see that leaked mods upgrade tournament live? @GR.Scopely

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