FA characters expansion

With faction assault came 4 exclusive characters.

Tara (5* ascendable including 6*)
Connor (good medic in the 5* meta) 4 arm band
David (would’ve been good in the 5* meta) 6 sheath belt
John (human shield. Not much to say) 6 dumbbells

Now for my actual idea. Introduce more collections which include the maxed version (not Tara) of a character and X collectibles to obtain a 5/6* version.

John: 12 dumbbells to obtain ascendable 5* (requires max 4*)
36 dumbbells to obtain 6* (requires max 5*)
Rush remains the same or changes slightly

David:(becomes ascendable)12 dumbbells to obtain 6*(requires max 5*)
Rush remains the same or changes slightly

Connor:(becomes ascendable)8 arm bands to obtain 6*(requires max 5*)
The rush would ideally change slightly or not at all.

This ideally would make these characters usable as no one goes for these characters unless for ascendance fodder.


I don’t think David would have ever been good as his stats are awful for a 5*


I wouldnt mind to have that 6* John but since scopely dont care for people ideas cause they have own vision for this game.

Sounds about right :joy:

Maybe a new FA boss. Like maybe Sophia and Dwayne in an M2 Bradley.

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How about Carl And Lydia,I’d guess they would never attack though.:smirk:

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Or maybe Tyreese and Michonne, or Ezekiel and Michonne, or maybe Tyreese and Ezekiel oWo

I honestly don’t think anyone has Connor in this game and if someone does please send ss of his design for all tiers please

Image result for uwu are illegal @High_Power

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