F2P was never going to get a 2nd Princess, right?

Without buying elf hats for tickets I don’t see how anyone that was F2P earned enough to get both princesses in this event. It’s almost over and I’m sitting at 30 bears.

Did I miss something or was it never going to happen?


Yes you right.


We have 3 LU per week which give silver feather. 3 feathers/week give you 12 bears. I think 60 bears were possible


Im get only 26 bears playing every day.

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Did you get 2.1mil every level up?

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F2P here *Flashes F2P pass*

I’m at 46 but I left it too long to build from the roadmaps and so gave up. I think I could have gotten a 2nd IF I a) spent enough arena tickets and B) parted with a few coins to close any gap with the elf hat boxes.

So I’d say it was F2P* possible

*Stockpiled F2P


And the preps and toon need to level up.

yeah I saw those, I think I may be got 1 though. I didn’t have enough to get the minimum each time, just ran out of trainers to be honest.

No im have 26 in total.

I just got one princess and just fucked off. It really wasn’t worth the grind. Im close to pete (Im keeping his bonus hp until myself starts to see it aint doing shit)

Im just using the tickets I get for gear coins.


I was able to earn 2 princesses and about 1000 cards completely F2P. I did have to hit at least 2.1-2.5 million in every level up though to get the quills.


Yes it was. You have to:

  1. Save your silver quills for the 12 bears roadmap. I counted and counted, if you hit 2.1 million for every level up, you can do at least 3 of these for 36 bears
  2. Farm for elf hats in arenas. I managed to get 40k of them, and you’ll be able to do quite a few rounds of those 1 bear roadmaps
  3. Do not pick up the gold quills until you are sure you can complete a premium word with 2 gold quills. I was able to do 2 so got 10 bears this way.
  4. And of course, the bears roadmap gave out 3 was it?
  5. Last but not least, the last word missions (think there was a total of 6, giving you additional 6 bears)

So it is doable but truly a grind…

I have managed to finish with 2 princesses.


3 plus enough elf hats for the 4th

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F2P 72 teddies very possible


It was possible but there is a difference in f2p players. Some just sit back and hardly play and blame not being able to get things because they are f2p. Then there are the ones who plan save and grind their asses off to accomplish goals.


I managed 60 bears without spending. Like outlined above, it required grinding arenas and getting 2.1 mill in the levelups for the quill map.

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F2P, 61 bears for me.

The only advantage I had is that I had a letter from the previous event that got me 5 bears. But I only ended up hitting the 3mil like 2 times and 2.1mil 4 times. So if you hit 2.1mil 6 times, it was enough.

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I honestly wish some people were more honest with themselves and others and just admitted they don’t put in the effort required instead of blaming things on being F2p


Also, if you don’t claim the gold quill mission reward it will go to your inbox at the end of the week with 30 days to claim a letter… I have 3 in there right now towards a word

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Some free to play def could, I’m at 51 and there were a few times I could have managed my resources a little better. I didn’t have any old letters by the way, but I know a few F2P who got 2. Was difficult though

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