F2p vs p2w, a little history

I wanted to make a post with a little bit of information about the history of F2P and P2W in this game. just for a little bit of context of why a more balanced game for Free players is a big part of the #playersunited movement.

before CRW and region transfers were opened, there was a lot more competition between f2p and p2w.

it was possible for a completely free player to grind hard and be in the top faction of a region. at this point many players were actually looking for more competition, in all aspects, as match-ups within a region became very stale.

CRW was a great feature to give a little more variety to the game, as were region transfers

first CRW was added, which increased competition between Top Factions.

then leagues were added, increasing further increasing competition between Top Players and Factions.

finally TOC was added, with the idea of crowning a #1 faction within the game.
Edit: I mean WOC. it seems like TOC kind of had the same idea, but with poor execution

somewhere along the line it seems that Scopely started putting more and more effort into premier toons driving competition among spenders to a new height. F2P and even moderate spenders were left in the dust as most of the new toons quickly made previous premiers irreverent.

i hope this is a somewhat accurate review of the history of the game and can maybe shed some light onto the f2p vs p2w situation.

in part it Scopely is focusing on these top spenders/factions because that is where a majority of their revenue comes from, but many people feel that the overall quality of the game has suffered.

I tried to leave my personal opinion out of this post as much as possible. I’m just trying to lay out the facts here.

Good Luck Everyone, and Keep Surviving



When we say OP toons we still can find some great mechanics with a Doc Stevens and Ravens teams, but payback toons are coming to settle a end to the game. I don’t know how scopely could fix this, because in 2 or 3 months we gonna see full paypack teams all around. It’s boring to play, in some point even the big spenders gonna losse their will to play the game.


They can sell a toon that doesn’t trigger specialist skills or something like that. I think the blue pryia with daze will be a negan killer…i could be wrong


I kill payback teams with raven just like any other teams with op toons, granted, extremely strategically and slowly, they die nonetheless. The days of auto and easy rush kills on these op teams is a thing of the past, And really I am surprised to not have seen fast gov mentioned at all here. He should be included in the pain in the ass broken toon package.


Youre right and youll get haters saying theres always been a huge gap lol … I said same as you and thats all that anyone needs to know: many top factions had f2p and casual spenders bc those players were as good if not better than many whales … And those whales now see these players, their friends being rendered useless… If there was always a gap all big factions would have always been pure 100% spenders


Yep I use free Charlie, free Michelle and free yellow shiva to bleed out those payback toons quick.


the gap between f2p and p2w grew significantly with region transfers as all the whales where able to come together and join or create top factions, before transfers there was barely enough big spenders in each region to have 1 top faction with 30 spenders most had really active f2p who would grind in them.

outside of that top faction most of the other factions in the region then tended to be f2p or causal/minor spenders giving alot more competition in the region outside if the no1 faction.


Where’s my name in all this?


An unsung hero…



  • 5* era… Lots of users & spenders
  • 6* era… Much less users & spenders (need more $/ user)
  • S* era… Few users & spenders ( need a lot more $/user)

Mgmt decree: Revenue is not allowed to go backwards.

As a ptp player who’s been in top factions with many ftp players in them, the quality of the game started to suffer for me when they first brought out amber, doc, and the rest of the op defensive toons like negan, zack etc, and then the change in the ai compounded everything.
That’s when I really started to notice a growing divide between ftp and ptp in my faction. Ftp were getting frustrated, while ptp had to carry more and more.

I decided to take a break, and joined a less active largely ftp faction. Thats when I noticed that ftp were having trouble hitting other ftp because of the large amount of ftp defensive toons available.

If scopely thinks they’re doing right by catering to whales, and think thats what the whales want (to rule over everyone) then they’re sadly mistaken. The game has been less enjoyable for a while now, and for some reason I’m still playing with the hope it’ll get better for everyone.



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Same i feel disrespected. Need to put some respect on the f2p goats names.


Lol. Humility is still king.

Ran into multiple Payback teams this past war. Two guys in the same faction had the same lineup: Pete lead, 2 Negans, 2 Waylands. One of the guys had #United in his name but it doesn’t look like he is sticking to that United movement


Thats a solid statement but the gap between beating those big spenders by f2p really wasnt that big… Im og lincoln and our nemesis, also our 3rd and 4th factions were pains in our as.ses … And i ended up in the regions top faction by being one of those that could beat top teams. I never had an ap att lead during that time … Hell didnt even get andrea until wendy gate. And we had roughly 4 to 5 that ended up forming the first edition of notorious during that beginning region transfers … So i and the other f2p and casuals werent beating up on chumps.

That is a terrible def tbh

As a long time player, I don’t recall a time where so many F2P players were so impotent against top defences. The subtlety of the recent toons is that they are mostly defence based, and when coupled with an AI which improves the performance of the defence it makes these teams a lot harder. That isn’t necessarily an issue, if F2P weren’t being starved of good attack toons. Charlie is great and Earl is actually pretty reasonable, but I still think Michelle would be the last game changing toon for F2P. F2P rosters have never stagnated like they have in recent months and that is the route cause of a lot of recent discontent


that’s only true for dead regions

No, WOC hat the idea of crowning a #1 faction within the game. TOC is about regions, not factions

That time was right before the introduction of the 6*s. Don’t you remember the double Priya + shield + revive meta? Even as a mild spender, you had no chance against those teams