F2P Tax in place?

Not sure if I’m late to the party in spotting this, but I guess there is a F2P tax in place?

S-Class Lapopo collection - probably not F2P*:
250 Red Velvet Cakes gives 1,100 items

Zach collection - definitely not F2P:
250 Red Velvet Cakes gives 1,100 items

6 Star Lapopo - Well in reach of a lot of F2P:
500 Red Velvet Cakes gives 1,100 items

What the f cking f ck in all of f cksville is that about?

*assuming F2P have the sense to realise she is a poor choice to focus on


^^^ Haha exactly my fckn sentiments too!

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@GR.Scopely any chance of raising this one with the team?


I think they made a mistake with Zach. All 6 stars so far have been 500 velvet cakes, whilst Sclass Priya and Laopo have been 250. Zach is the only 6 star that has been 250 cakes.

Was it? I thought it was also 250 for the single toon collection and then 500 for the double toon collection?

Edit - I think you are right, based on some previous threads. Six Star Priya was def 500 as I can find a screenshot (Sclass priya and velvet collection) and there is talk of the S-Class being 250 so Lapopo is consistent and Zach appears to the outlier.

So not a F2P tax, but another fuck up that benefits those who have Zach


I understood the justification for S class needing less red velvet cakes to be that they needed more resources to be used to get to the required level. The same doesn’t apply to Zach. He should need 500 cakes the same as any other 6*. Seems like another Scopely Screw up.

Either that or your theory is correct!


nice find. its hard to justify the grind sometimes.

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@Kanaima - This point has been asked already and I am waiting for the team to come back to me.



Hello everyone,

Regarding the question why would S-Class Laopo and 6* Zachary need 250 cakes but 6* Star Laopo need 500 cakes this was an error with the scheduling and worked in favor of the players.


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