F2P revive toon needed badly


Nope promo toon. He may be somewhere in one of the F2P wheels but I highly doubt it.


hunter if ur extremely lucky u can get on 5* wheel but very slim chance I did forget about him being on there


I’m FTP and I got him, but… no.
I got him when he first came out, but he’s literally only 1 of 2 promos I’ve gotten in a year and a half. That’s rare enough it’s a fluke.


I just looked hunter isn’t on the 5* token wheel


People are literally saying, “I pulled him free from the wheel”… Still, continue arguing anyway. Smh.


i got Hunter free in roadmap i think in 2016


Hunter sucks anyway… he does 475 damage and revives. Ty does 650, 2 teammates get 30bonus hp and 80 def and revives… plus he taunts 3 with active. Hunter follows the f2p trend of being way worse than a similar premier character.


What did you say? You want very few oportunities to get very mediocre characters once a month if lucky? Is on its way!


Regardless of what they said, Scopely doesn’t think Hunter is in any wheel :man_shrugging:

Back before the recent set of updates, he was in the Prestige wheel along with many others which did not show on the wheel. Difficult to know if that is still the case, most Prestige pulls are poor and are infrequent.


yup he isnt and wasnt on any other wheel than a premier or long time ago in a stach with few 5* “Kenny Alert” and a lot of 4* like limited Pocky. He is the most not f2p toon ever. He wasnt even in Lucky or 3 Year Anniversary token


i’m sure that all the whales and spenders will convince scopely and everyone in this thread that there is no need for ftp revives and shields, lol


does anyone know when the first revive came out and when ftp got the first free revive, think it was revive jesus from event then from sr


Last year, maybe, he was. But no longer.


Someone claimed here that green hershel was the first revive


I think the real question here is when do we start to consider Erika F2P since she has been in at least 3 token wheels. There are a few non spenders in my faction who got lucky enough to pull her. You see her more and more now.


No lol? How fkn % you have to drop hwr 0.01?


Im totally ftp and got her in december :man_shrugging: chances to pull erika,magna,mich etc from those wheels are like 0.1%…i dont consider them ftp


I never said she is F2P but considering the amount of wheels she has been in and people getting her without spending she is much easier to get without spending. There are almost as much Erika’s in my faction that came free from a wheel than were bought. Just saying.


I was lucky enough to get her on one of my accounts from the 3yr wheel but unfortunately she is still useless because it was on the one account where I can’t get a fucking stun gun for nothing :frowning_face::frowning_face::frowning_face::frowning_face:


Yep she is more ftp now then before…in my fac like maybe 4 ppl got her from tokens