F2P revive toon needed badly


With all these pay to play revieve super toons a decent f2p revieve is needed with good stats as well as a toon with disarm all the f2p toons stats suck even with some of the best mods u have stacked on top won’t touch some of these new toons like Lydia


Not much money in ftp toons, so no


Isn’t Hunter f2p?


Hmmm if you keep them alive you don’t need a revive…

Also, killing > healers any day on offense. Though ftp is very limited in this regard.


No hes has only been premier as far as i know unless hes recently been added to a wheel.


We don’t need revive if there is decap


Prestige wheel


Good luck pulling him from there along with OG Dwight. Which for all intents and purposes is the same as saying neither is f2p.


Pfttt please we all know theres only really 4* in there


Are you sure? I went through the prestige wheel and didn’t see him in there. I’m sure I would have remembered if it was mentioned that he was added there too.


I got him from prestige when they added him or from 5 star tokens. One of those.


Not every toon is viewable in the prestige wheel but yes seen a fac mate pull him from it a couple days ago.


A lot of toons are in the prestige wheel but not on the spinning wheel it’s weird


Must have been with the new batch where changes weren’t announced then… I just did 30 pulls, got Darlene, Kirkman Zeke, and Eugene :man_shrugging::man_shrugging:


There not going to hand every1 a free revive there still making alot of money off them what’s next you want a free shield next


He was in a stash once that you could get him for free, that’s how I happened to get him.


true, i got him with one random pull few days back in premier


i would love a melee ftp revive


Hunter has been on the 5* wheel for months how I got him.


I’ll 2nd that and add that we need a Shield too, like Now.