Currently there is a Museum collection going on where you have to obtain green glove through SR to achieve Knox.

As we know, there is already already existing issue with shortage of SR cans, with them either being obtained by spending coins or making a cash transaction.

However, given that Scopely now expects players to complete the elite stage to obtain all require green gloves, how are they to do so within the 24 hrs time frame (Natural energy provides 12 cans - elite completion requires 12.5 cans) without spending coins or purchasing cans via a cash transaction?

Also how is this fair to F2P players?

Possible solutions to name a few is to:

  1. Reinstate the SR can roadmap
  2. Create new scavs that gives SR cans as rewards
  3. Like raid and world energy cans offer them in the supply depo
  4. Add them for purchase with tokens in League Store
  5. Ensure that no SR event is under 24 hrs and increase their completion time to 1 day + 18 hrs
  6. Ensure that SR does not start at 1am est in the morning 6am UK time but at at more sociable time

These r just a few solutions to this persistent issue regardless of the new Knox museum. Players need non monetary ways of obtaining SR cans.

Your player base look forward to your response and solution.


Lol its possible to hit those milestones if you have no job and have a lot of time on your hands to spare, by grinding all day and keeping track of energy. If you work, you’ll most likely not be able to hit unless you have a buddy grind for you.

Keep on surviving…


You mean silence and keep surviving. :smirk:

If you have no cans you might have to purchase a “deal” this time if you really want Knox. Then just save your league coins each week to pick up a can or two as required for the remainder of the event. I do agree that this entire holiday “event” is trash in the way it’s been set up for what really amounts to 3 very sub-par toons. None of which help deal with the current meta.


This event is too short for the milestones indeed, but I’m sure there’ll be more SR tournaments which aren’t as short.


Lol Knox is the worst of the three available.


fixed that for ya :+1:


Everyone keeps saying that but with the right set up, he seems like he would be the most useful of the three. No one uses resist bleed mods over impair and stun resist. So put him in an attacking line up next to Princess and yellow Shiva and stack that bleed.

That being said as a whole they are all quite disappointing but it was expected as they don’t put any effort into making the legacy toons worthwhile. It’s all about the latest and greatest op premiers these days.


I have been beyond excited to finally get Knox and BAM they throw him out there to finish of the list and he is hot garbage I mean HOT GARBAGE!!! But I do feel ya without using cans f2p may possibly miss out on the hot mess😂

That’s the issue here. No f2p has her. Also, cue the guy posting the image of him having 5 yellow shivas and saying that yellow shiva is “100% f2p” because he pulled her with coins from leagues.


I don’t work so I’m lucky that I can hit it every hour or so but yeah this was purposely done to reduce those who have jobs or commitants to obtain knox. Knox is pretty garbage though so don’t feel to bad man.


I got a few teammates that are like 90% f2p and they all got her from using their league tokens. Either way, Knox can fill that role somewhat from a f2p standpoint and as I’m not even remotely as familiar with melee toons as compared to ranged ones are there any more with bleed on their rush? You can also equip each of your other 4 toons with a bleed mod assuming you have them.

I’m not saying ap down on the 3rd slot instead of bleed is a bad idea. Far from it but my suggestion still gets a chance at ap drain while keeping the benefit of bleed, a possible extra 5% def and is a little less reliant on the kindness of Earl.

Either way, Princess looks good on paper and I hope it turns out shes even better in reality. Not holding out too much hope for that as I have a faction mate who is a gigantic whale and he can’t get her to work and he’s got every single toon in the game and tons of strong mods to go with her. My options are much more limited so we shall see.

It’s a hard Knox life… for us.


Are you crazy? Three words

Barker, Negan, Joshua

Those three make Dwight, Knox and Maggie look almost premier


pre 6* era, Knox was super expensive for a lot of people, although his 6* version isn’t great (definitely not bad though as people are making out) I don’t think ftp should even have had a chance at him, it’s another kick in the dick for people who spent big money to complete the collection for him back in the day.


Nope, even if you play non-stop you will be unable to complete elite. Do the maths. Will have to use refills yes or yes to complete elite.

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Yeah, but he is the only one I don’t have. So sad they make their milestone impossible to reach without using my none-existent survival road refills.

I think the point is being missed which I was trying to get across and that having Knox now dependent on it brought the subject more to light.

The ongoing issue of SR can shortages, and scopely making no attempt to provide any solution to this for players especially f2p.

Knox is just highlighted the issue.

Firstly Scopely expects their customers to compete in a can reliant event, yet provide no means for f2p players to get them, any players in fact except through spending coins or making a money transaction.

They have multiple avenues as mentioned in the initial post and probably more to offer this to customer but they fail to do so.

And yes Knox may or may not be a great toon but that is not the point. Players are being excluded to get him because of insufficient cans via natural energy and because of the lenght of the tourney.

Whether you take into account Knox or not it’s not right and is an ongoing issues that needs to be addressed. Regardless


Im f2p and even i dont want knox lol maybe dwight for stun but they all are ok toon.

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If they keep the current weekly event schedule and give out the same number of rewards, F2P players should be able to get him without considerable difficulty.

One solo SR a week (these are typically longer than the weekend faction ones) and a faction SR every weekend. That’s five total (3 solo, 2 faction) before the collection closes. You can miss the elite milestones on both of the faction tournies and still have 100 gloves to spare.

This is of course assuming the schedule doesn’t change and nor do the rewards, so take with a grain of salt.


they will surely cancle a solo sr for more onslaught

for the op i like solutions 3 4 and 5

for people saying knox is bad like most greens throw a stun wep on him and he becomes good, chance to stun on attack, chance to impair enemy if they are ready to rush, bleed damage to the anoying shields(not great , but definitly better then nothing)