F2P players getting nothing

Why is EVERYTHING P2P scopely? Make it fair!!!


Inb4 someone comes and tells u its a f2p game :face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:


At the end of the day it’s a ftp game with the option to spend.

One thing i hate is this piper event because they said we could get piper by grinding but it’s almost impossible because of the territory mission


Its slowly becoming a pay to play game anyways, theres pretty much nothing to do besides the daily roadmaps for the piper event

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Had to be that guy


Piper is completely possible without completing any of the faction missions. Use the Bandages to gain more of the other 2, then 1 or 2 runs on the Lucilles and Masks to top each other up on the final leg.
Getting the lowest of the faction milestones means that you will get to do far more runs on the boxes on top of that though, as just 5 equates to having to run 50 worth of bandages, and the 15 masks from the lowest equates to having to run 150 bandages or Lucilles.

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Can we stop saying not F2P and start saying P2P content only


Don’t see how. I have 30 broken Lucilles and I am very active.

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Posted this a couple of weeks back. Hope it helps :slight_smile:. I can do the Maths for not including the lowest faction milestones if you want me to?

220 Lucilles, 210 masks and 200 bandages avaliable not including faction milestones. 5 Lucilles, 15 masks and 5 bandages from the lowest faction milestones which are realistically obtainable.
27 days of roadmaps makes for 54 extra of each. So this gives so far:
279 Lucilles
279 Masks
259 bandages

That immediately makes 6 crossbones possible. 100 of each will have been spent. Now to get 2 more you need 21 Lucilles and 21 masks.
With 150 bandages you will get 18 of each of the masks and Lucilles. Now you just need 3 more of each. Use 25 masks and 25 Lucilles. Now you have gained 300 of each, gaining 2 more crossbones. Now you are left with the following:
175 Masks
175 Lucilles
15 Bandages
8 Crossbones

This means you get Piper and 3 of the other 4 toons (if you count Alpha as 2 toons).

It costs 65 of one type plus a crossbone to complete a stage 2. Ideally this means you want 195 of one type but there is no way around this without reducing others which would in turn reduce the amount of completions you can do.

So 4 completions are possible. This makes for 64 bags, 40 crates and 80 Ascension medals.
It also leaves you with:
45 Lucilles
45 Masks
15 Bandages

25 Lucilles and 25 Masks will get you 12 more bags. 20 more Lucilles, 20 Masks and 15 Bandages will get you 11 more bags.

So as F2P if you are willing to grind and only counting the 1st level of faction milestones for each… You have the ability to obtain all of the following:
-80 Ascendance Medals
-40 Crates
-87 bags

Imo that’s a pretty sweet event… AS LONG AS Scopely give plenty of wars and hordes.


This is good in theory, but ftp average players would have to awesome luck getting characters, then even more luck getting good weapons, extremely awesome luck getting the random “easy” stage team match ups on the nightmare roadmaps, and then on top of all of that get lucky not losing a stage in those rms.
So yes in a perfect alignment of rng a ftp could do it. But let’s be real no amount of grinding is going to make that happen but for maybe . 00002% of the players.
Why do you think when people ask what free toons can help them win, 99% of the responses have one, two or more not so free characters in their team saying “this is what I used, it was easy”
I just feel bad for the suckers buying those $20 bags getting all 50k food.

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Unfortunately, not a chance at the 2nd and 3rd war items here, maybe better luck for hordes.

Ok, seriously? It’s great that some people have the time, inclination and ability, (I personally am far too mathematically challenged) to figure all that out.
But I think that’s the point being made, new content is either behind a paywall, or so convoluted it may as well be.
Would be truly awesome if they would put out decent explanations of these kinds of events, or just quit making them so many hoops to jump through…I look at the stuff daily, and without a calculator, it all just makes my eyes bleed anymore lol


I got her totally f2p and did the territory missions, so whats your issue?

I totally get that and I’m in full agreement with you. But that’s what the forums are for, for us all to help each other out (Maths is my job so I’m more than happy to do any of the calculations for these things).

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I don’t understand this. She requires 8 bones. I don’t see enough bandages to collect those. Or any map.

You only have to hit 300 on 2 of the 3 items for the 7th & 8th crossbones, so he’s basically saying use one of the items to run the roadmap for the other 2 items to hit 300.

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I got her while also collecting every possible supreme crate. Got all bennies but I’m very happy how this event turned out. I never finished the territory’s and the 40 Lucille compensation was the reason i was able to complete it.

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