F2P players and whales

So I have noticed more and more F2P players on the forums complaining about being at a disadvantage against P2W players. While yes, I can see why many would be upset over this, we must remember that this game is free to begin with. My opinion on the matter is if I’m not spending on a free to play mobile game, I expect to be at a disadvantage to begin with. What is the forums opinion on the matter, should F2P complain about being at a disadvantage against those who basically pay the developers?


Absolutely not. Why should there be an equal outcome, even though storing one’s coins could result in pulls creating more equal outcomes.

Scopely has basically blessed us with a red mackenzie and a reviver with hold the line

And still they gripe

I got a shiny new Brian, a on a roll blue, two aikos from level up events, a decap from saving for in supply depot etc.

I’m strictly f2p and I have an s9 line up soon to be s10

I’m happy premium players have the advantage
They pay for my game time


What do you need for an s9 team?

5 legendaries fully levelled
AR and active skill also contribute


Thanks buddy

I feel what would be the point of a forum if we couldn’t express our feelings?


First of all, p2p or p2w are too broad of terms. Whether you spend $5 a month or $500 a day, you are p2p.

That said, if you spend money on this game, you should have an advantage. Factions made up of spenders should always rank higher. The more spent, the better the teams, the better the faction should do.

And that said, I think there’s a valid complaint about the balance of the game. In the 5star days, I only had one premier toon yet I was able to defeat almost every team - even with multiple shields and revives. Now with the combo of shields, revives, mods and bonus hp (imho the most problematic), it’s just a timeout fest. My faction has a few big spenders, they have almost every 6star premier and they can’t defeat each other in duels.


p2w is what keeps the game running or we get thousands of ads

spend away I say

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I identify as a attack helicopter :helicopter:


Sure f2p should be at a disadvantage to p2p players, but they should also be given fair ways to get stuff, and be treated fairly. All players should be treated fairly actually.

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Everyone has a different definition of ‘fair’.


Fair as in being able to actually compete with most p2p teams. Fair as in given good characters, not terrible ones.


I agree on the balancing, there is so many factors and conditions with each character to the point where it is difficult to know whether a battle will be a win or a lose at any given moment. You can beat a team one hour but you an lose to them in the same hour afterwards.

Depends on what you call fair

Just defined it.

That’s not defining anything. What you define as good or terrible is all opinion based.

Then it is defining something. My opinion on it.

Oooo I like em rough

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I typed something, but deleted (irony not lost on me)

Balance is key, and not saying even, but a certain balance. F2p should have to work harder for things yes, but even the whales in my faction are gear locked atm and have toons sitting t3 that cant be leveled bc they can’t get the gear needed to advance them. A couple have stopped pulling because those toons would just sit even longer and be added to the pool of characters they have but cant use. I’m what I consider the entry level p2p, I do the 30 day pass, I am an ad member till I had Andrea as long as it stays as it is, if more value is added we will see, but I don’t buy coin packs, or other offers. I can beat most teams out there and my team is comprised of all toons that could be obtained through grinding events (g-abe lead, guard zeke, too from achievements, Anna from tokens and g-eugene as my melee at k and andrea lead, red lori (old war prize but also log in event), mira, league sandy, ty. The thing I believe that is the biggest gap is lol not thinking strategies through all the time when it comes to hit order, focus, confuse, taunt etc. When I encounter shield/revive teams, there is only so much they can do while unable to do anything if under a status that hinders them. Knowing which toons have active revives, so if I impair it does no good and I need to stun or taunt, etc.

The issues that are the biggest rn effect the entire player base, f2p and p2p and p2w