F2P/P2P list for legendary toons

We, the community have spoken about this game and its direction. Complain and praise, but mostly complain lol. I feel we need to look back on older specialist skills that could be of use in the new legendary meta. We should comprise a list of toons with a specialist skill and build them up for a F2P version as well as a P2P version. I will start and the community can place their input.

Lightning Reflex:

P2P Support/offense
Stats 1300/1700/1800
Ar- 66ap/ 300% dmg to 2 enemies, focus for 2 turns to 2 allies and 50% def for 2 turns
As- 2 teamates recover from stun
Weapon- 30% def/med ap when defending/ stun for 2 turns

F2P Support/defense
Stats 1600/1500/1800
Ar- 76 ap/all allies receive 80% def for 2 turns, 40% health over 2 turns and recover from stun.
As- 3 allies receive focus for 2 turns

Um I think we want a ftp shield bud we already have free to play focus characters

This is a suggestion for toons with the same specialist skill

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