F2P need some better/more specialist skill characters

Before someone says “oh another f2p complaining about not getting good things for free”, know that i am not f2p. But, I don’t think giving out a disarm as part of a collection event would hurt the whales sensitive egos too much. Now, obviously I don’t think it should be as powerful as say Harper, who basically cripples the opposition after she rushes. But something like this:
AR: 2 attacks of 275 damage and gain 50 crit for 2 turns
ACTIVE: something completely useless
WEAPON: 30 crit, 15 def & a useless special stat

Also a ranged shield would be ok in my book too. Maybe a blue shield with exactly the same AR and ACTIVE as koa.

I think a 2 month collection event would be perfect for some of these superior specialist skills. Just don’t make them as crazy op as the ones your whales go on apeshit spending sprees to get, and I think it might help the game in a big way.


I could really use a Red and Green 40% att and a huge bonus to ap leader right about now.

Throw on disarm and decap and make it f2p too. Thanks :smirk:


You can get Green Beta from the next Lvl up , see $copley love F2P players , cause they give P2W players the pleasure .
F2P = slave in scopley dictionary

I like that idea

If we thought leader skill and human shield was bad just wait for double specialist skills :face_vomiting:


Yeah I know imagine a Guardian 2 with lacerator and a revive rush and active skill.

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I agree with OP.

A lot of the “free” toons are quite underwhelming. Knox, Dwight and Maggie won’t add much to a lot of peoples rosters. They’re ok but most should have toons that do a better job.

Giving out revive Sandy and Solange is nice. Both require P2P toons to make them work though, but they will still improve a lot of rosters.

The single biggest issue right now for F2P is Lydia teams with a shield Jesus.
Even if you have 5 stun swords, you will still find it difficult to get past the Jesus due to AD and stun resist.
Yes you can focus past him, but without key attack toons, you can’t kill the 2-3 revives behind Jesus.

A middle of the road disarm wouldn’t hurt things too much imo.

F2P players should struggle against these teams as spending is designed to give an advantage and rightly so. But the gap doesn’t need to be as big as it is.

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I don’t want anything too OP, all I ask for is a character with lead skill of +40% HP, +100% DEFENSE, and VERY HUGE AP when attacking and defending. I also want their AR to be 45 AP, give +500% bonus HP, revive all teammates with max HP, and I want their specialist skill to be Decapitate, Lacerator, and Human Shield. Oh, and also give them a special weapon with +50% HP and DEFENSE, and Stun when attacking and defending, that’s all I ask for, is that reasonable?

What? Where did you found the Secret Data for Future 6* Gerald?

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F2p needs a spec skill called nuker that when use, makes you win over all p2w whales :whale:

What would be nice is a f2p shield.
That’s all I care about.

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Ftp shield is cool and all but its not needed a ftp disarm would carry so many more benefits and advantages and the toon doesn’t even have to good just be a DISARM.

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