F2p Disarm and Decape.. REALLY

scopley you called this f2p decap and Disarm seriously… i mean cheack the difficulty level it is at mad level on top of that we only getting limited bettries with hard grind plus tiers drop rate in riads is Shameless … j.b scopley plz take this to ur team for …CONSIDERATION…


This event is joke none of f2p can get either Sandy or Bruce there wont be even enough batteries given out without paying.


Scopely either needs to double the length of the event, halve the museum requirements (steering wheels are fine as they are), or double the tire yield rates in relation to batteries spent and raids done, as well as spread battery distribution more evenly over the milestones so they aren’t all weighted to the high end. This is currently just ridiculous.


latest events are quite a joke but i dont really care anymore my time in game is about collecting toons

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Are you expecting Scopes to just hand it out to you and everyone on a plate? Where’s the challenge in that? You millennials expect everything for nothing these days. Back in the day we had to grind for things.


I agree with you but I’m also thinking it could be worse. At least it’s not 2 mil, 200k, and hopefully not 2400k in the upcoming raid tourney as my region is full of d-bag whales now who refuse to drop d for the event because they will lose some of their precious meaningless rep.

This game needs so many changes yet we will never see a single one.


Lol… my FAVORITE is the ‘Batteries’ bag in the ‘featured’ coin part of the store that has 1% chance of 800 batteries.

You couldn’t make this up if you were trying to parody a sleazy used car salesmen stereotype from the 80s


Hopefully they come out with new gen G2 and Decap as they did when 6* first came out

Nobody is expecting one for free, but limiting the amount of tire drops with the maximum being 10 and them not giving more time and etc is what the problem is here. Maybe read before assuming.

I think what we all really need is a free Barker to make things right with the f2p community.

I know quite a few ftp that are doing just fine with this event.

Maybe it’s not the design.

Must suck to actually put thought into an event that allows you to earn good toons.

Alternative is crap toons for just showing up.

Atleast rewards match the effort.


Let me fix that for you:


Yall need to get off the hate train.

Challenges are good. Work for it.


Do you honestly believe that bullshit? Look at the threads with the maths about this event. The f2p toons here are Sophia and Beta. It’s not designed so that the f2p are going to get there from the current looks.

They put the tires behind fudging whale teams, those teams the playerbase is constantly bringing up here as the annoying shit that they can’t beat. No it’s not easy. Maybe for guys like you with their 30k+ rosters. If you’d leave your bubble and talk to some mid faction players, f2p and moderate spenders alike, you’d hear how the struggle is real. You’d hear that they can’t beat the last stage consistently. If you missed that map once, you’re likely missing out from the current looks of it.

And no, you can’t just assume that every f2p has hundreds of cans luying around to make an impact with those average 5-tire-drop.

Posts like this that and all this gitgud shit is a slap in the face of all the folks trying hard and failing. No wonder that this community is so goddamn toxic. Absolutely pathetic.

And don’t even get me started on the investment of time. I’ve explained it en detail in that other thread. This is a game, people have real life, jobs and family besides this. Putting multiple hours in this stale and boring game on a daily basis is just retarded.

Rewards match the effort. Pah. What a joke. Work your ass off for toons with old stats that might soon be outdated anyways, just so that Scopely and their white-knights can say, they offered you a way out of this misery the game is in. Pathetic.


OH no they are old stats but I’m still using them to slaughter just fine.

Regarding your other senseless points. The entire game has always been built around resource management. Sometime you have them, sometime you don’t. We’ve all missed out at one time or another.

There’s a difference between trying hard and failing and crying on the forum about something being too difficult and needing to be made easier because you can’t make it through.

Meanwhile there are others that are making it through and earning it or asking for help and getting insights to help them out. And when they earn that disarm or decap they will have earned a leg up on those that couldn’t.

But I guess everything needs to be a participation event rather than one that actually challenges players to play the game as its designed.

Design teams to overcome the challenge. That’s the entire point of this game.


If you think the toons are gonna be outdated soon then why are you so upset?

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I’m busting my ass , a disarm will either change my game or end it if I can’t reach that, that’s how much of a game changer it would be for my team

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Bullshit. I’m trying hard. But I’m realist enough to see where this is going. I am in multiple line groups trying to help and get help with this. Our faction has been talking about this for days and we try to help each other and move faction helper toons around, to give everybody optimal team composition.

But then again you guys keep bringing the argument that this event gives f2p disarm/Decap. Like I said already, if you don’t have decaps and disarms, the last stage on the roadmap can’t be beaten consistently. From the current looks, the roadmaps don’t give enough tires for these 2 toons. So a single fail on the last stage loses you 461 tires, at 5 tires dropping in raids average you’ll need 92 raids or 16 cans.

Talking about resource management. Unlike many others, I have been hoarding stuff. I have only engaged in one single levelup in the recent months that I won. Still the gear stranglehold is real. Most freebies can’t consistently hit 1.25 mill in levelup at this stage of the game.

And then again you are completely black and white. There is a wide range between giving the toons away for free and making them impossible to get for 95+% of the f2p crowd.


Scopely has a common tactic of throwing us a bone before they are about to release some great new stuff. I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the case soon.

Bruce is a utility toon and therefore not so dependant on stats. You want him to crit as much as possible to make space for the rest of your team.

Sandy however is all about that Decap and therefor heavily relies on her ability to deliver damage. When more gen2 toons are out, this will definitely get harder for her, because she needs to chew through more statpoints.

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Here you go. 100% free to play.

No mods on any toon as I don’t use these anymore.

Idk maybe this only works cause I’m a whale using ftp toons.