F2P ...bs rewards... losing interest in the grind

Advancing in this game has always been about grinding for rewards. The rewards offered have gotten less and less interesting or useful. For me, not worth the time to grind for them.


100%… I went from super active to almost always under top 200 lol


I’ve been demoted in leagues n havent even reached 3rd milestones in so long. Give us proper gear and mods. I dont want elite tokens for crappy useless items :smirk:


Same here. Look at the rewards and then put the phone down lol. Just nit worth the effort. Nit even bothered with getting coins as just get useless 4*s.


If i lose interest in something then i move on but thats me. Honestly tho, games are supposed to be fun, if a video game isnt fun, too hard, frustrating, etc. Leave it be and go find something you enjoy. Be free everyone! Be free!


Exactly the point I’m raising. Lol

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This thread is very true…just saying

@JB.Scopely @Shawn.Scopely @Hedge


agree… except in this case i have a lot of time money and energy invested. have good friends and good faction. still like PvP aspect of the game. with that said, the environment has changed in so many negative ways - no gear, crap prizes, larger player monetization efforts. it just stinks. obviously, they are more about profit first than supporting the player base and game long-term. sure JB can come on here and deny it, but most ppl i know agree with this, and every action taken by Scopely supports it.

I’m slowly taking myself off the game. don’t farm, barely raid, level only using scav camps. my raid teams don’t change because even though i spent $$$ to get toons, I’ll need to drop another $1000 to upgrade them all which is absolutely ridiculous.


:+1: :+1: :+1: F2P R.I.P.


Agreed it been on a slow decline since the 6* meta was introduced. Fun at first although it killed my hard earned roster still was a bit exciting everyone started over and it did take a bit if thought to play and win. Now a year later there is nothing really worth putting in the same effort when rewards don’t reflect the effort. Things that could be a slight incentive to grind for are mostly only for sale in a nonstop set of pop ups letting you know if you want to level your roster it’s going to cost you. Even features that allow you to get gear like league’s are rooted in spending. Things are not improving for players only for Scopley’s bottom line. That’s the only important thing now it seems. New Victory tokens seem to be another premium event. Some great accendables in there but more middle of the road ones too. Guaranteeing you will most likely get s Christmas Shiva or a red Mirabelle or a command Connie. It’s a shame you can’t expect to get something worth the effort or money in the game you love or use to love playing.


Join the Big club. Many of us are in the same field here. We gotta band together and protest.

Our protest means nothing as long as people keep drooping house payment’s on pixels. It’s everyone’s money so I don’t disparage how people choose to spend it that’s their own choice. But as long as things remain in the high end of the black what fix or change anything it ain’t broke for them so they ain’t fixing it.


Taking the week off :+1:


Oh no. Not for AOW, Khaleesi. :yum:

Agreed, game is getting stale, I’ve lost interest in leagues and in solo events. Faction events give lame rewards. Ain’t what she used to be.

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Same. (15 chac)

Agreed with the sentiments above. Zero motivation to compete in any tournaments right now


first 2 milestones for events or finish bronze and maybe silver for sr if i feel like it these days

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We should yell at the sky in protest of the whales in this game! That’ll stop them from dropping a small fortune on pixel weapons!


Wanna hurt the whales and make them less motivated to play?

It’s called stop playing on the events that they dominate on.

Make them come here and complain about the lack of activity and maybe scipely will make the game more appealing to the f2p’s

But I doubt that will happen cause everyone here is a gluten for despair and punishment.

And we thought it would be to hard to figure out. But yet it’s so easy. Don’t war when it starts and watch as the leaderboard rings up nothing but 0’s or the whales only warring till they stop cause they are sick of dropping $$$ to the other factions dropping $$$.

Simple right?