F your matching


Its that simple its plain trash. You are dictating positions based on your matchmaking and not on who is actually deserving of the spots and it needs to stop.

You are literally draining all the fun out of this game when a faction that no doubt should place 2nd or 3rd will be 5th or 6th cause you have decided they need to play the region dominating faction or the one just below them 95% of matches

No thats not an exaggeration. I just gave up after 12 plus straight matches of only those 2 factions.

Which means you are forcing us to play them without regard for any type of fairness or randomness like you base every other mother f’ing thing on in this game till it comes to matchmaking…

Please tell me you wanna claim its for fairness and region stability or some nonsense like that cause you should go ahead an adjust your toon wheels an all shop crates cause them stupid things are the furthest from fair that has ever existed.

You clowns and the angles you take to screw over portions or the entire player base is rather sickening honestly.

But i aint mad oh no i aint mad.

Its great to derive 0 fun out of the game mode that most everyone wants to compete in…


I guess if you should place second or third you should face those two factions. It wouldn’t be fair for the faction that SHOULD be third, fourth, and heaven forbid fifth to March them 95 percent of the time.

If you should place second then you should regularly beat one of them, yes?


I can feel the salt in your tears of having to fight stronger than you.

Git better


Can we please have prior mm to those who’s in the top 6 like when you are 1 you fight 2nd placed faction, when you are 3 you are facing 4th place and same with 5th and 6th. It will drive spending and bring some fairness I believe.


I’m talking about current positions, once you are out of top 6 you face whoever rng sent you


It hurts both sides actually, people put out 1* against our faction just to end our war faster and give us less points


Im thinking you dont know what its like to be anywhere near the top.

There is always 1 faction that cant be touched and the 2nd depending on the region either can only be touched by the other top team or occasionally fight it out with a faction like mine.

Yet when my faction is playing the top team almost non stop and 1 in every 4-5 wars we get the other strong team which if we get lucky can beat 1 in 8 or so matches.

It literally means we play the top team and the other team gets an easy match or every so often we play the slightly lesser team and the best faction in the region pulls an easy match.

Now say what you want about most the other crap theres no way the unbeatable 99.9% of the time faction should be pulling cake walk matches more often then either of the 2 or 3 teams below them that just makes no sense.

Further more the hell with everybody’s notion of we need to give everyone a trophy and more of a chance then they deserve to succeed.

Life does not work this way. Look at any competitive pretty much anything. Everyone gets stuck playing the good the bad and the ugly.

As a matter of fact look at any playoffs or brackets of any kind.

Guess who the #1 seed faces??? Right the worst team (or record wise anyhow) and so on and so on.

Its what you earn for being better all the way up until that point.

Sure we dont have a “season” and playoffs but matchmaking is matchmaking and when you weight it in certain ways you/they are dictating positions by doing so.

Im not saying we or the top team should play crap all day long but it should simply be random.

We shouldnt finish a match vs #1 and search for 10 mins or better just to get the same team or for it to wait until that 1 other team has finished their match so we can get them…Again…


Try being 20th and facing top 8 EVERY war. Matching is laughable, no matching involved, not fair matching anyways



The terrible plight of an ultra elite top 6 faction.


Your faction clearly sucks

Edit: I meant the guy directly above, but given the huge novel about why OPs faction only sucks because they always lose to a better faction, I suspect it could apply to them too…


Being a good to strong faction that cant compete with the top wallet warriors of the region doesn’t drop you to a sucky faction sorry to say.

If it does in your eyes or mind then theres far more wrong for you then anything in this thread but hey its w.e


Part of the issue least in my region is not enough teams are consistently playing. Thus we get the top 3 way more than we would hope since they are always playing.


We just suffered through the top 3 factions in our region 5 times in a row. There are other factions too. It would be nice if we could see them once in a while.


You love it


The nonstop ass whooping by UR is the highlight of every war :joy:


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