F Your Effing Popups

Scopely you fixed one if the most annoying things in the game, the infernal wood popup. Only to replace it with something 5 times worse. The God damned territory popups now pop up and stop me from doing anything FAR EFFING MORE than the God damned super annoying wood pop up ever did. Do you have shit for brains?


I agree. Hard to fight in war when you get a pop up during a battle.


Right? On top of territory pop ups they throw in their own plugs for “sales” while you’re trying to fight… eff off why dontchya


But this offer was made just for you… BUY NOW! LAST CHANCE! HURRY BEFORE ITS TOO LATE! BUY! BUY! BUY! - Scopely


I agree, territory pop ups suck.


It’s a pain in the ass, hey buy this, buy this, buy this, buy this, you closed this but I noticed you didn’t buy this, nah forreal buy this, you want to last longer in be,
Pay 1.99 now and get 12 dvds for the price one


You guys are crazy…i love the pop ups…i buy every one…they are the best part of this game…they need more pop ups…perhaps a kardashian pop up…or a trump pop up.

Oh and i have a bridge for sale in brooklyn!!

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There a button to turn these off in settings but it doesn’t seem to work now :frowning:

I think they should advertise like admin does unobtrusive and shady af.”pssssst you want 6000 coins?” No sir, I’m looking for 6001 Coins,you came that close to a sale my man


Never understood why admin only offered a measly 6k coins. Like they are fake you can offer 100k and it wont make the difference. At least should offer enough for a 40 pull

They are what they eat.

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Do they throw in a bonus set of steak knives anymore?

Sadly they stopped giving out the knives but they are giving this out now…



2nd war in a row I had offers pop up right when war started and i tried to take tower. like that is really going to encourage me to spend on the game. remove the offers from the middle of the ■■■■■■■ war. it’s ruining the game.

The territory popup thing should have been fixed 2 years ago.

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