Ezekiel VS Jessie (and my team) help

Hello gamers

First of all thanks for the great help you guys gives new members (like me)

I’m have a question, I’m like one click away of grabbing Ezekiel from the store to get a good healer, but I have Jessie atm. So who’s best ?

Another thing, could it work to both use Jessie and Ezekiel ? :slight_smile: and bench Mirabelle or how would you line up if you had mine toons ?


I’d get ezekial to use on defence with jessie, atm I’d say with war it’s not so much about getting defends anymore it’s all about having the team which takes your opponent down to the timer

Mira chief att and zeke chief def

for me zeke is a very good leader, he heals 3 80% (40%hp+40% additional hp), Jessie is a very good healer too, but i would prefer zeke for his leader skill, ok now… in a deffense team you need a healer, a support ( a buffer or a command if you have) and 3 killers… I would try that spencer for leader + jesus, gob, zeke and mirabelle, on their weapons with huge ap when attacking.

You think so ? :slight_smile:

Personally would use Spencer over Mira as your attack leader.
Also grape Zeke from store he‘s overall better than Jes and you could built a rainbow def with him.

yep for sure

Can you explain what is an rainbow :rainbow: def?

It can be of use to all character traits, meaning it benefits ranged and melee

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