Ezekiel or Mira

Which one will you be picking as from what I can tell most active players will likely be able to obtain one of them?

I’m personally going to be picking zeke since I have a range heavy roster…
also does anyone know why Mira costs more or is it just a random scopely thing?

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Neither. Kelly or Konrad


Ezekiel is Erika f2p hahahahah


Really? Why Konrad, he’s mostly outclassed now… my ty can ORKO him

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Its a no brainer that it would be zeke.


I would agree with you if I could say the same about Shieldchonne. But I can’t. Carl lead, Glenn, and G2 Zeke with her with a defensive weapon and mods makes her a serious problem. So I don’t know why the same can’t be said about Konrad. His weapon even comes with 0 damage off the bat so it’s just focusing on replacing the basic stats with higher ones.

And I’m going with Zeke so I can make a defensive team with Konrad. Kal should fit perfectly in for assisting him and everyone.

2 words double hit

Sucks ass that this is rewards for a highly competitive mode hopefully s2 isn’t so trash

i will be going for zeke because

  • for melee i have quite few leader toon which matches with mira lead one way or another e.g carl vincent abraham javier rick eugene to name a few
  • for range i dont have zeke type of lead toon
  • zeke AR is better than mira
  • range team weapons are good with me (even are ok also)
  • zeke costs 15,000 and mira costs 25,000 season tokens

thats a difference of 10,000 seasons tokens which i will save by going for zeke !


Because Konrad is red, that’s it

Zeke if I can reach him.
Basically a mix of Erika and Monica. Active skill is lame though.

I already have strong Abraham so Mirabelle is useless for me.

The problem with Konrad is dual attack on Zeke or Dwight. Alpha is the only thread to Yichonne.

I tried running Konrad, even after Getting Erika, and it is just no where near as good due to dual attack.

If I ever pull a Yichonne I might try a melee defense again, at least to rotate my defense , but till then might as well wait.

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sav the tokens


I mean, they’re both pretty interesting. Maybe I’ll go for Zeke. If I can’t then I’ll pick up Kelly.

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I won’t be able to get anything soooooo…yea

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Put him on a good team with the right setup and he’s a beast.

Idk why people don’t like zeke. I bet I’ll see some p13 whales even using him with a perfect stun gun and infinite resistance mods behind Erika

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With 46k you can get all 3 6*. Still lot of time and other events

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I’ll be grabbing both


A top faction should be able to get all 3 6* good prizes and they are not crazy impossible to get, even if you are in love a rank 3 faction