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You guys watch this forum like there is no tomorrow… maybe you guys should watch the Global Chats this way too… not name dropping but their are some “interesting “ people in Gc that you guys haven’t been paying attention to.


Report them and dm Kali on here if they are breaking tos that’s the best way to get rid of them quickly. Don’t report people unless they are truly saying vile stuff though, pretty sure if you report people erroneously that’s considered a violation as well.

It wouldn’t hurt to keep a closer eye on gc… about the same amount of ppl on the forum as there is in the game.

People report constantly for absolutely no reason… the innocent person getting reported will get penalized and the false reporters still get to play with no issue… I feel like the report button needs to get an upgrade! You should have to send in proof/ give a detailed explanation as to why you are reporting a player.

Um…doesn’t matter that there are more regions than forums. All the chats can be concatenated into one log to monitor. They wouldn’t have to launch the game at all to monitor all the global chats at once.


Who the hell talks in global now its dangerous with ppl getting banned lol

Trolls gotta troll

Why are new regions constantly being introduced? If there are too many regions you guys can’t monitor them correctly you guys shouldn’t keep making new ones… or upgrade the report button or is that too much work too?

Its cause alot of older regions are at max capacity. Filled with a bunch of dead factions full of dead accounts. My region has that issue as well. Over 30 factions easy full or almost full of dead inactive accounts. They need to clean out the older regions and add new players to those instead of opening new ones that quickly get filled with top spenders from other regions cornering the market on being on top. But the game model now is buy buy buy so its easier to get people to spend if everything is equal at the start. More people will spend to keep up than to catch up.

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They need to create a empty region that anyone is allowed to migrate their main account to.

Sanctuary region, the last hope for whalekind

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