Extra trait damage

I have a question @CombatDevIl with the extra trait damage done is it set amount or based on the attack number. Example blue ty attacks a red toon is the extra damage done by trait advantage same as any other blue toon attacking or is it based on his attack number?

It doubles the damage a toon gives.

Double from what say ty has 1600 attack a +30 percent weapon and +40 percent from mira. Which amount is doubled?

It’s explained here:

If you’re still confused after reading the initial post, ask the question there.

The outcome. Lets say he hits with 700dmg. With trait advantage he hits with 1400.

double the damage, not the attack.

damage is the outcome of attack x defense.

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For clarity, what CombatDevil means here is the interaction between attack and defense

attack x defense would be a very odd system

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it was a versus character, not a times character. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok it makes sense know was confused thanks for help :slight_smile: