Extra teddy bears

what would happen to extra teddy bears? after collecting 2nd priya, seems pointless to grind if you cant reach 100 teddies…

You mean Princess?

Probably nothing. the definition of extra teddies will differ from player to player. My extra is any after 60, whereas someone else’s extra is after 10.

Aside from that, you’re not actually claiming them like tokens, just collecting to fulfill the mission requirements.


thanks for the correction. yes princess. and yes i just collected my 2nd and i see no way of reaching 100 which is next collect… guess no need to try anymore

Would you want supply points? Aren’t they equally useless :man_shrugging:

This is where they want you do use that :credit_card: :coins: :moneybag:

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nah it doesnt matter really, just wanted to know if there was any need to try…thx

There will be a gate you get 1000 coins per bear

How about bear gate 2020? :sunglasses:

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The extra teddies will be stored alongside the extra plushies somewhere on Scopely’s basement. According to a “half-baked” source they will be used in some future collection.

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Technically, all of them are extra - they don’t actually get consumed like things in the museum, they just get counted then go to where the plushies are (it’s like a toy store there by now).

I’m in the same boat. at 71 now but no quills left - getting to 100 seems impossible. A bit annoying that the main reward from milestones probably won’t do anything for the rest of the week, but it is what it is.

I’m 48 away from my next milestone.
Definitely not investing time in the objectives for 1 teddy bear.

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