Extra Rifle Pieces?


Having seen that the milestone rewards for solo level up being unreachable for me, (I’ma relatively new player, level 37) I have 3 ascendables but no way to level them up enough nor do I have the resources to use to ascend them. As a result, I was wondering if there will be spare rifle parts for players, like me, who are unable to get these milestone parts. I just want a yes or no answer if that’s possible. I’ll be sad if there isn’t any but I guess if that’s that, then alright.


I’m level 104 and I have two :man_shrugging:t3::sweat_smile:


YEah I had a luckstreak, it isn’t anything special, 2 of them are lying in my roster untouched because I can’t do anything with them. Eventually I may be able to do something with them.


Very curious on this particular topic too! You got lucky seems to not wanna show for me. will I really be down 75 of each for those two parts triggers and springs…


I hope they’ll do something… I’ve got all the other ones without fail.


Normally there are opportunities for extra items, but it will be done through bags or crates purchased for gold in the shop.

That said, Scopely has been releasing exact amounts on the weapon parts so far which is a little unusual, I was thinking today this might mean they’re making the parts available through events/roadmaps only this time.

For you newer players, I hope I’m wrong.


Seems a tiny bit like bad game design, in my opinion, to have so many parts easily obtainable for a new player but then have a small portion of it impossible. Well, I won’t be willing to p2w. I actually liked the idea of these rifle parts gradually being able to be collected.


There have been times during other events that they give you chances to get pieces you might have missed through doing roadmaps, raids, and participating in tournaments. :ok_hand: I can understand for a newer player that reaching 250k will be hard or impossible. We are doing a lot of speculating at this point. We just have to wait and see exactly how it all goes down.


I’ve seen this comment on another post, I wrote this post because I want original opinions, not repetition. So please, keep it original buddy.


Yeah I can understand that, thanks, sometimes old /experience did players need rewards to stay playing I suppose. I’ll still go for all the ‘in reach’ parts just in case.


DYeah I can understand that, thanks, sometimes old /experience did players need rewards to stay playing I suppose. I’ll still go for all the ‘in reach’ parts just in case. I’m quite happy how this event has gone for me anyways, I was able to get the Ascendable Negan, second try.


Chill, I just replied to the wrong person, it’s The same as the other reply. But sure, see for yourself.


@kalishane @combatdevil @Dash The milestone targets for dwights weapon collection were 5 and 15k in the last solo. Why the massive change? From the data are you able to see what percentage of people are getting the the two “basic” lower tiers for this?


I have my opinion about the 6* characters introduction and the level up.
The new scoreboard is too heavily correlated to 6* characters.
I am a nice 114 level player, and with my account it is hard to do over 500k points.
I think for new players it is impossible to get the rifle parts at the first two milestones at 150k and 250k
But there is more.
Level 20 farms give a very poor production of food.
Objects to raise the 6* level are too hard to get, and for thé 4th level i think they are utopic…
Some adjust is needed!


If you think that’s high wait for Dwights collection parts placed at 200 000 millions milestone


Oh god forbid newer players would actually get a usefullish gun. Yeah totally agree the only ones getting all the prizes should be the high level nerds that don’t need them anymore.

“Natural selection” lol shure thing buddy :'D


Thanks for this topic, i was saving the search for the faction lvl up this weekend, but now i opened it to make 250 and avoid becoming without the AK wich i will sure use on Tyresee


@kalishane @CombatDevIl @anyone @somebody pls halp, we need simple answer :frowning:


I don’t know :frowning: , this is part of liveops plan. Better person to find out this info is @kalishane indeed.


Thnx man, I just was lonely and desperate out here, sry for tagging and distracting you(this time including) :slight_smile: