Extra quills. What will happen to them?

Dear Scopely,
What will happen with the extra quills I bought and I didn’t have the chance of using them? So I lose them or they will be replaced with something?

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Yeah they just disappear like those Chihuahua plushies did or was that too soon


I’m just saying we paid money for them and now they expire for nothing

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Get used to it.

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Once they have your money they could give a rat’s ass about what you spent it on


Almost like it’s you’ve learnt the lesson of why handing money to these idiots is a bad idea…


They won’t do anything with them purely because some people gained hundreds through that roadmap.
Which sucks for the people who bought them but it’s a complication Scopely won’t want to deal with.

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They’ll become the dogs.


It seems to be a running joke but the difference between the chihuahuas and other collectible items is that people were told BEFORE the collection expired that Scopely intended to reuse them. So people hung on to them instead of cashing them in and now they’ve disappeared with no update from Scopely.

We were obviously misled and it’s about time everyone learned never to expect or even hope for Scopely to do the right thing.


Best bet for a response if from @GR.Scopely can you give some info or find out about what is happening with quills

They are gone with the wind

They should show up if they ever reuse them, the way that screwdrivers worked in the fast Javier event last year - people who had enough from a previous event could claim him immediately.

Otherwise, old collectibles don’t have a lot of use right now.

The team has hinted that some solution for this is planned. I sort of expect this to be a generalized trade-in system, where you could also exchange keys for cones etc at some unfavorable exchange rate.


why not chill it about the dogs already?

They’ll be converted into coins and then into supply markers.

Mine converted to 25,000 coins each :smiley:


Nah I’m good

0 converted i just lost 8 of it

@Ivareen2 - Let me check what’s in the plan for them :slight_smile:


Any update on them

Team is still working on them