Extra Dwight shirts


So I had like 4-500 spare Dwight parts and about the same spare rifle parts for the collections

Will there be any trade in value for these? Like I got Dwight and the rifle ; but I had spare parts for both collections

@kalishane :heart:


Also had like 6 pulls at the wheel and left with 95 Lucille tokens

Will there be a chance for more ? Or a trade in value ?


I am in the same boat with both, sadly it looks like our 95 Lucille tokes get turned into Supply Depot points, (it says so in the bottom right) and as the timer has almost run out I think we can assume that they are done, in reality that part of the event was over a long time ago. The only hope of getting another pull is if they see this and put a bag in the shop yay.

I think the spare Dwight and weapon parts will just be a waste but I would really like to be proved wrong.


Us dedicated players deserve love too


yeah they could turn spare Dwight and weapon parts into Lucille tokens if they really cared about us. although I know I am not dedicated enough so I just get to keep the spares.


+1 the milestones from a few events where replaced by actually useless stuff, not even a grenade. This fac lvlup gives just 1 benedict for 2mil. Nothing else.



Compared to recent scores

Just no reason to level up this time