Extra collectables gear bag suggestion

Is there any talk about gear bag or collectible bag exchange for those of us that already have the s class toon I am hordin like 4K blue keys in my inventory and 2k cones. Would love to exchange for gear or recycle for future s toons?? Honestly wheel don’t excite me because blue keys cones chocolate cakes just disappear when I recieve them now since I already collected s class toons that they belonged to. Love to have a reward for goin above beyond even if it’s a gold mod or t3 gear bag


You’ve already collected 4 5 star Priyas and 2 sclass Priyas (20,000 icecream cones), 4 5 star Laopos and 2 Sclass Laopos (20,000 chocolate cakes) on top of Sclass Pete (10,000 Keys)???

Not hard when you win 2k for level up rewards also when you hold all territories and buy torches run the map each day.

походу спалился чувак, без читов не реально было собрать…

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