Extra Bloody Snowballs for Solange?

With war this past weekend a few of my faction mates forgot to collect some Bloody Snowball despite logging in daily into the game during this holiday event.

Will there be extras to collect later?

We only need 55 Bloody Snowballs to redeem Solange but there are 61 days total in Nov/Dec.

Didn’t you answer your own question?

61 days, 55 Snowballs. So there are six opportunities to get extra.

I believe there were a couple in some bullshit offer over the weekend, so if they don’t mind paying for said bullshit, they’ll probably have opportunity to get more if they miss more than 6


solange is so bad tho ur buddies should be glad they missed a few


@Kanaima well you never know with Scopely sometimes. There maybe extra days but it doesn’t mean they won’t stop giving them away.

So pass on an opportunity for a free reviver and all it requires is clicking on a single tab once a day? Also, there is no rng and no convoluted collect this to exchange for that crap either.

Hey God gave us free will so to each his own. I personally can always use another revive for sr/fa especially on the melee side.


seem some of your fac members think as same as Tormentium if they didnt think about the daily login rewards :roll_eyes:

Unless your a mega whale, you will use Solange. She’s good. Unless you have a bunch of Lydia’s and dantes.


Guess all missed offer last night for extra balls :cherries: pay2win micro transactions of course they will. They will sell chests for 750-500 coins closer to the date always have and always will. Done it with shovels, tshirts, skulls, cains, rings , necklace, broomstick you name it been playing since 2016 and shit never changes

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