+ extra 5 gold bars?

just take my free daily gold bar and after 30-40 minutes i get more 5 now i have 25 anyone else ?

Was a bit concerned maybe I forgot to get yesterdays or something, so glad you noticed the same thing. :slight_smile: I have 25 also (Well 29, but I did one gold radio map).

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excellent, I was missing one before fornsome reason
didnt think I missed anything

Yay we need post about it. They try roll it back now posting as comments is fine but big bad new post is not.


I doubt they’ll roll back anything. 5 gold bars won’t make or break anyone’s game.

There is a fine line between informing Scopely and spreading the word that people need to go back into their offers to look for a second one. There is so much sh*t in the offers tab, it isn’t always visible so a lot might miss the second one.


They didn’t rollback skullgate. This is going to cost them much less.

The only thing they ever rolled back was Andrea, right? That one was supposed to sell multiple SC memberships per person, and they couldn’t change it afterward.

Skullgate dint cost them money… but scopely is random…

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Handing out hundreds of thousands of free coins didn’t cost them money?

Nope, they were given away in an event. As you said they rolled back andrea that costed money…

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Everyone would of just used 7 day free trial to max her out and be done with sc forever… thats $25 usd a sub… Could also say giving away coins weekly in arena and leagues is costing them…

so we all got an extra 5 gold bars? does anyone know why though?

My guess is that someone who has spent tons missed a day so used their title in PC.
Who knows though, they mess up so much it could be anything, maybe even daylight savings.

I missed one day - 10 bars when ios update bricked my phone so this free 5 is nice, would be perfect to get another 5 :+1:

This is for those who missed a day they will giving that more often now that the museum collection is about to end

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No I me or my wife has not recieved our 5 free gold yet

Got no free bars here, got 30 right now

They don’t gave any extra gold bar, they just make the availability early than regular hour.
I always get my gold bar at 8PM (on my local time), but today I got very early like everybody, and after roadmap refresh I completed 30.

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I got 2 bars yesterday, but no free one today.


Exactly. We missed one some where. Lol.

I got a extra 5 last night but I still haven’t gotten the 5 for today yet. It normally shows up right after the map refreshes.

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