Extend the timer for SC Comic Museum Characters - give people a chance! Or release last axe map before

Omg!!! Between here and line you have asked about the SC axe so much I feel like you are about to go Jack Nickolson soon.


When have they ever extended timers?
And not enough players pushing for it, will never happen.

:frowning: sad

Imo its better to rotate them out more frequently providing players options rather than always the same.

Hopefully the next set of toons will be just as good, maybe even better!

I would like to see Alice, Dale, or Diego in the museum collections.

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Hope they at least set axes for sale

I don’t see that happening, it’s to good of a marketing scheme to keep them locked behind SC membership. … therefore people continue membership, if they could purchase just the axes why continue the subscription?

I mean like one axe, to get enough comics before they expire the toons, and grab maybe Donny / Jesus - then continue and go after new toons when they hopefully update ? Just an idea

If this is going to be your only Zach, then he won’t make much of a difference. If he’s your second or third then he’s a nice toon.

This would have been my second Zach :frowning:


Damn, I hope they gonna sell your effin axe 1500$ so you finally get what this game is all about :weary: :man_shrugging:

I noticed this on the timers also, classic scopley move to trick you into renewing the subscription, hopefully they will extend the timer 24 hours or so but i doubt it

Im sad… :frowning:

I would suspect that they’ll put up a new round of characters, it just remains to be seen if the next round has anything worthwhile. Shield Jesus isn’t bad and Zach is still pretty useful, but who knows if the next round will be Romanov level cards.

I thought people were not spending, the players united and all?

But is it me, or you guys also at 4 out of 7 axes and the exact day Jesus, Donny and Zach expires you’ll get the 7 axe and unlock 30 comics ?


Stop whining. There is a timer.


Ofc I’m whining - I’m not spending houndreds / thousands of dollars on the game, I spent a little - and once I’m close / very close to Zach and will miss him at the same day I get enough comics, so ofc I’m pissed ?

Alot of people in the same boat dude

So let’s do something about that ?

Does all of us have 4/7 axes ?