Extend the timer for SC Comic Museum Characters - give people a chance! Or release last axe map before

A lot of people complaining about the time premier recruits have in the museum for comics, can u please extend the time, so it do not end at the same time when Axe Event restarts ?

Would that be possible? People atm are feeling stupid, like you showed them a carrot of SC and took it back again? A lot of people can’t get any of those characters as it seems now.

Some people will be millimeters from Zach and some will be close from Jesus and Donny when obtaining 30 comics from The 8 Axe Event and Dinosaur - please give those people possibility to Finnish SC that day, obtain 30 comics and grab one of the toons? The same is with the SC roadmap - it restarts exact same time as Those toons counter ends (smart) xD

Extend the counter for 1 day or something - just please give them the possibility to get a toon or make the decide if they want to wait for another round ?



Hey Kamil, it has been a while my friend.

Unfortunately it was a ploy to get people to sign back up to SC, realistically speaking; most wouldn’t be able to get Zachary in the given time and have somewhat dropped their own pants in the process.

It’d be nice if they did extend it but I doubt they will.


Hey Legend

Ofc - but maybe they will listen and extend it for a month maybe or 14 days ? I don’t know…



I think that’s premature. Perhaps there will be a new bunch of characters once these expire. I mean, players need to use the comics on something right? What do they buy after this round? What’s the incentive then to keep SC?


Totally agree, but why having Zach timeout / the same time when the SC bloodie axe restarts ?

Yea. I’m not sure why they made the timers so short. They aren’t even selling comics so basically they excluded like 95 percent of SC subscribers. But I’m going to keep mine and hope they put up another good toon after these are gone.

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I hope I’m wrong regarding this as I want people to get more out of their comics but with their track record of recent collectible events and not getting anything from them… I’m not holding my breath.

Before these collections, what was the incentive back then? They seemed pretty happy at keeping it the same for months.

Well we needed the comics for Julie and leveling. I think there was a one month gap with no toon.

If there aren’t any toons after this, Doesn’t make sense for players to continue subscribing.

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The same… but at least they should extend those for like 2-3 weeks so new SC people would be able at least grab Jesus and get a shield!
Or maybe sell axes / for gold or money - I don’t know ? Maybe they will? @JB.Scopely

Agree… maybe next they put some crappy toons, Zachary was only maybe an “marketing” stunt to get subscribers and then they put timer on him… I do not hope that was the plan!

Not sure why the timer now but they might put Mia or other ascendables in there. if not I would consider not buying the monthy SC pass.

@JB.Scopelyat least Scopely you should make an “gap” of 1 day between new SC roadmaps, Weekly Survival Road map and expires of Comic Toons in the museum, however someone are that lucky and maybe, MAYBE can grab Sachary, they should have 1 day for it!

That’s my opinion. don’t disappoint us anymore

Or at least make axes available in offers or something like that ? @JB.Scopely

This is Sh*tty. As Ill only need 1 more week for a Zach :frowning:

Exactly what I’m saying :frowning: and here they maybe could offer axes in a offer or something like that…

Please stop spamming every chat.

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Just because these timers run out doesn’t mean there won’t be another set afterwards. It’s given a better value to sc and that benefits scopely as well as sc members

Yeah, but maybe they change characters, I mean I think they change characters

Or maybe they could release last axe roadmap a day before toons expires…