Express tokens?


What are these new express tokens they are selling


They were part of a previous event. That’s all I know.


New Stash


Drop those fuckers in raids this weekend. Not like many will get the crate with 0.3 % anyways


Fun fact, if your next pull is food and you’re at max capacity it will tell you you’re going over capacity before you pull lol.


Cool chances, already decided before you even make the pull.


Not mine but a faction mates. At least we know it’s possible.


How many pulls and what did he get? If ya don’t mind me asking


Right now you can only get 2 pulls for a buck. He got Hersh.


If ya buy em they keep going up but damn that’s good Hersh is dope


Been wanting him forever. Was going to pay the $75 when he was on offer and I never spend money but my faction talked me out of it.

I’m sure by the 3rd token offer it will be up to $25 and to reach 100 tokens a grand. Someone will pay that much too.


They had a wheel exactly like this one months ago but it was with tokens and u pulled in a wheel and I know a few in my faction who got hooked in and payed 200-300+ And they got lucky it’ll keep going up I bet like ya said whole wheel probably $1000+


Yep, it’s a gambling app disguised as a game. For a dollar I will try my luck. Offer me 5 more pulls for $5 bucks. Sure. Anything more than that and they can keep it.


nah, I got the message and pulled tokens…


once you buy the 2 pulls for a buck another pops up 2 pulls for 2 bucks


It goes the .99 then 2 offers for 1.99 then 2 offers for 7.99 that’s where I stopped I already know I’m not gonna get the crate for $200 or less and would rather try my luck and pull


Thanks for the info @Kodak_black and @ZombiePeach. They made it twice as expensive for the same amount of pulls on the 2nd offer?

And I’m done. That’s some bs inflation :wink:


sneaky snakes


Price goes up slowly. Was 2 for a buck, then 2 bucks, then 2 bucks, then 5 for 8 bucks, 5 for 8 bucks, now 7 for 14. Lol.


Yea sorry but never have i ever nor will i ever pay more money for the same the very same exact product digital or otherwise.

2 tokens for a buck then 2 tokens for 2 bucks??

So your idea is penalize someone who bought something??

Same 2 tokens are gonna cost me 100% more and nm the following offer…?

Ass backwards. Start somewhere and either give more or give more of a discount as you go.

Not i purchase and your idea is to give me the same or less goods for more money…

Discounts come with more or larger purchases not the other way around…I mean really…