Express tokens wil their be a roadmap or do you have to pay to be able to do the event?

there will be a roadmap with a “chance” at a purple token


awesome thanku for leting me knoow

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If more than 1 in 100 get the purple token I will be shocked. At least give us like 50 wd tokens you cheap…



Cant wait to make the “Did you get a Purple or Gold token from the roadmap” thread lol. These things need to be tracked


Here is how the event goes: Buy 50 tokens for $5. Then buy 15 tokens for $5… umm wait, what?


i agree with that

If you’re having issues with money I suggest downloading “Google Opinion Rewards” which gives you credit based on surveys you answer. Yes, it takes awhile to add up as the surveys range from $0.10 to a $1.00, but the more places you visit or search online the more rewards pop up for you and easier it gets. Be honest on them as they probably can tell if you’re being dishonest on some questions though. I have easily made $40.00 which can be spent on anything Google related attached to the play store.


jaajajajaj chance a purple token? jajajaaj basil bro BASIL

Roadmap should be showing live soon!



Sure its cheap and fun to try the luck. However this is SCOPELY, so its prolly just a basil or some 4* tokens.

Let me prove a point…

(Edit soon)


:grin: <---- Look at my surprised face!


Its live, thanks for the heads up :wink:

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Go for the stash people. 2 pulls is better than nothing. Thanks scopely. This is actually a decent one.

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Indeed go to stash dont do the wheel. With the wheel having four star recruit tokens most will end up getting those and not the five start recruit tokens or legendary token.

Isn’t there now 55 tokens for a hundo?

yep 1000 and 750 4* tokens for me