Express tokens... a big joke?

I play on Bamberg (fr) and i think scopely is really taking us for idiots. 1 euro for 2 tokens , 3 euros for 3 token , 8.99 euros for 4 tokens and after??? after it is 16.99 euros for 5 express tokens!!! We need 60 tokens for having lydia but how much money??? are you kidding us?? I want lydia since the beginning but you are really really gangsters scopely! 60 tokens after spending what!? all my money ?? 500 euros? 1000 euros? i won’t take any tokens again. It is a shame !!!

Please i am french so i understand just a bit english.


F2P all the way baby it’s the only way


Well odds are people probably spent far more pulling for her & never got her. At least the stash will guarantee her.

It’s a good job you have the freedom of choice

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Get used to it. Your not only getting Lydia. Your getting a lot of valuable items.

It’s a joke, stash’s used to be good cause it was a known cost but the way they ramp up the price on every offer now is criminal…,seriously criminal. If Scopely was a bricks and mortar store they would be shut down. Tokens start at 50 cents each and ramp up to?? I quit when they hit $8 each and am only 1/2 done. Last stash I ever spend on . Tired of these crooks


You are right :slight_smile: but this is really too expensive and the only reason why i began to pay is Lydia. Great deception :frowning:

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Yeah scopely are really thinking we are rich. Thieves… i won’t pay anything again.

A guy in my faction got her on his 2nd token and another about halfway through i believe. That’s all they allow per stash so everyone else expect a diego chance of getting her b4 last pull :joy:


A diego!..lmao.

Yup :laughing:, expressed to conversion

It is impossible. I don’t say that you lie but to have it you must open 60… lydia is the reward for opening 60 express t.

Yes you call me liar if you say its not possible. Its is in fact very possible sorry you werent lucky this time :woman_shrugging:

Lol they even shut down the scavenger mission called “bricks and mortar” from appearing as often so I guess this holds true

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