Express token(Erika) how far it will be?!

Can someone pls show me the picture the entire deal…, what the total cost of her :sweat_smile:


It depends. Faction mate bought the $1 and $3 offers. Got her on from the $3 one.


I need to know too might be worth it if you need another Erika

Probobly something like 150$ or less

If you don.t know you shouldn’t post bud … it’s like 225 to complete

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seriously Scopley!! at least give us some information!!! @JB.Scopely

2 tokens in free offer


Lol that’s hilarious

We won’t find out. All the players that would buy this have Erika already. Honestly she’s outdated. Anything over 100 is too much.

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This is scopleys last milking of Erika before she becomes completely useless rip maybe we’ll see a $100 offer for her next for just that one last drop


Would be hilarious if she is in league store next season and they are trying to milk that cow one last time

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Jesus Christ you pulled some insane lucky shoe outta yo butt. Victory coin AND Erika…sheesh

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Faction mate pulled her on the two free tokens :ok_hand:


I have been thinking the same thing which is why they DIDN’T show the season 2 toons

Wishful thinking but entirely way too illogical. Blue Tara leaked as one of them btw

They only leaked the 2 season 2 tunes… Someone will be in Kelly’s slot (giggity)

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