Express Stash Worth It?


Not sure if its worth dishing out $50 buck to get 1 of 4 toons, what do you guys think?


The prices go up, it’d be more than 50 if you don’t get the crate before the 100 pulls


Do you know how much the price increases per pull?


Looks like it doubles. Express 3 was 10 for me express 4 is 20 -_-


negative. all those cards in the crate are regulars in the premier wheel now, except for jesus, which still gets his own promo. so essentially youre paying 200 (estimate) for a pull at the anniversary wheel and a .03% chance at a crate that has a 25% at jesus. pass…


Take it from me, it’s definitely not worth it.

I made the mistake of not looking at the odds before pulling. I figured it’s 1 of 100 items in there, so odds are 1 in 100.


Actual odds for that crate are 0.3%, or 1 in 333. So sure, your first 2 pulls are a dollar. Well your next few pulls are 2 dollars, then 4, eventually if you’re like me and you get deep enough, it’s 2 pulls for 25 bucks. I pulled 94 pulls before I got the crate. Rough estimate, I spent close to 300 on it.

If it was a shield Jesus I pulled it MAY have been worth it. Instead, I got a damn Guardian Hershel.

I’m done spending money on this game for quite awhile now.


How many tokens did express 5 give? And what was the cost?


Tough to remember. I think it went like this.

I know that the most the buys ever get is 25 bucks. The most coins you get from any single buy is 9. After that, it’s like 7 pulls for 25, then 6 pulls for 25, then 4 for 25, then 2 for 25.


Hopefully they sell them in crates or put them in other offers, cause thats fked.


Faction mate bought express 1 and got the box with the first token. Hershel.

I think the main issues with this shit are that

  1. Scopley aren’t giving people fair forsight into how much it might cost total. They’re like a smack dealer offering a little sample for free and then hiking the price when people get hooked.
  2. Why-oh-why-oh-why is there always an absolutely trash toon in amongst the possibilities? How many people would be much more tempted if they knew they’d get one of four decent toons, and not a likely chance at trash amonsgt two or three good ones.



Jessie is the trash toon. I was making separate points, but can see why you incorrectly inferred that Hershel was the trash toon.


If you want or need a Jessie it’s maybe worth, because you know the chance of getting jessie is 97%


That’s pretty ridiculous.




Why are you using logic. You know that’s not welcome here.


Well let’s see who is actually going for it and what they get. All i have to say


I would prefer 3 pulls of the anniversary wheel for that price js

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