Express Stash Video


Can you all say… DOLLA DOLLA BILLS YO! We are starting to see more dollar deals come into the game.

Lets take a first look at the Express Stash and its pricing. After all that lets crack open 6 from this stash.

How do you all feel about the stash? Did you end up pulling from it? What all did you get and if you got the Magical Pink Unicorn Crate let us all know what you got from it!


They need to nerf Jessie. She’s way too op to be in that crate.


Got the crate on the 3rd PULL and had Bruce in it. I got kind of lucky because that was the only character in that Box that I didn’t have.


Trash scam.


Bad stash wish I didn’t put any money into it that .99 cent offer sucked me in rip :frowning:


Haha the $2 offer after got me as well


The $25 offer is where I stopped


I didn’t do the $7 I said screw that sucked me in enough


Wait are you telling us that the price goes up with each purchase? Hopefully you get more tokens for the higher price. It’s TRUE there is one born every second. Hahaha.