Express 2 crater

So bought the 5x token crates… 50 tokens for £5. Now express 2 offer… 45 tokens for £15… will the next box be 30 tokens for £30?!? Wtf!?!


Yup. I was actually gonna drop a buck for every pull and did the first 5 because it’s the first time in a while I feel like I’m getting my money’s worth from scopely. As soon as I saw 15 tokens for 5 bucks, I decided I’m not paying another cent. Scopely should’ve stuck with the 10 for 1 buck if they wanted more of my money.


i agree at least 5 for 10 atleast you would know they care still would get and from more people like me but after $100 i am out

The next offer is 55 tokens for 99.99

lol scopely has taken it to a new low

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Don’t you mean new high

badum tsst

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Oh the third express is even better 9.99 for 20 tokens
10 was .99 and 15 was 4.99 this is bullshit where did they learn to do math it’s not supposed to get more expensive the more you buy

You think that’s bad?

this one is bad


Did u see the reply by kalishane … she closed the thread because it was obvious to cause upset and if we don’t like the offers not to buy them… are you serious we are not causing upset we are UPSET !!! This is bull&$@%!!! It’s straight up theft… and I haven’t heard of a single person pulling a purple token not one … how can you guys jack the prices up if 1 pull was .99 but than the next pull is 4.99 for 1 1/2 pulls now it’s 9.99 for 2 pulls how does this math work out for you guys ??? Isn’t is supposed to be cheaper the more you buy?? Come on I know you guys are not usually morally just but this is just wrong!!!


Excuse me in my last post I posted some false info 2 people have pulled purple tokens… the rest was spot on tho… thieves

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one of those “votes” was from a suspicious user who just made an account today
and neither of those two “votes” bothered to post a SS

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For what it is worth I have seen 2 people with purple tokens (across 3 regions that is :confused: )

from completing the roadmap? or getting them from the stash? I have heard of no one getting them from the map crate

Both from stash actually. I also haven’t heard of anyone getting one from the roadmap box

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@Kalishane - can’t help but notice saltbot has been banned since posting this. Are we not allowed opinions regarding the company anymore?


I saw like 3 or 4 screenshots of people actually pulling a token, if odds were like they were supposed to be though, we would have seen more people pulling em. Sad.

One of my fac mates on edgefield pulled a purple token in his first 5 and got jessie. In canada the first 5 pulls where 1.29 each… i woulda kept buying them for 1.29 for 10 wd tokens… soon as i seen the next offer 15 for 6.49… i stopped. I did get enough 5* tokens to top up my 5* puller.

O well… neeeeext

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Disgusting and you guys should be ashamed
(Thank you jackjimson for making the graph)
But seriously this is just awful awful awful 1000 bucks really!!!


Absolute insanity

This easily could have been something that all types of players could buy and participate in. But naw… scopely doesn’t have a clue.

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