Exploiting game iscout of control scopley

How about bane players playing in emulators scopley. We know that they simply can exploit many of your game modes using this .
Territories, towers, …
If not how about build some sort of a intelligent system to watch these two (territories, towers)
For example: a players cannot clear all walkers from a territory in 2s , if they do bane immediately.
That’s what we’re facing every day scopley. Factions have XP territories ALL THE TIME AND NO ONE CAN ATTAQUE.
Cause simply you can’t. Cause they ghosted them in 2 seconds
Factions grab towers in the first 4 seconds of war .




How to stop that?

Intelligent programming? Other game developers / publishers implement features that detect emulator users, they do not bän them but the users will be matched only with people who do the same.

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Hard to detect a emulator

Sure it’s hard if you don’t employ competent programmers. :wink: It’s not like your phone, tablet or computer doesn’t send device informations to the servers each time you login.


How about no?! Using an ‘emulator’ is perfectly fine. You don’t need an ‘emulator’ to cheat. You can do the same things natively.
And technically speaking: the so called emulators don’t emulate but virtualize. So they are not emulators at all.


You don’t want this because you’re using such tools? Of course those who are using them especially in tournaments should be sorted out and only play against factions that do the same. You get a nice advantage when using emulators. And yeah, every so-called top faction has had players who used emulators. Since you have mentioned in another thread that you are or have been playing in EG; they aren’t much different in this. Encountered them many times in the past and you cannot tell me it’s possible to get towers in less than 5 seconds while using a smartphone.

Is playing with a mouse faster than using fingers? Tried once but seemed like a completely different game :thinking:

Yes, I use such tools to virtualize my PC so I can use Android apps.

That’s bullshit. If I install Android natively on my PC it runs much faster, so using an ‘emulator’ is a DISadvantage

Just using an ‘emulator’ does not make you take the towers faster. If people only need 5s they are clearly cheating. It does not matter if you use such cheats on a native or ‘emulated’ system.

They get a faster connection if wired then wireless.
But the startposter mean is that it easier to run software behind the game on emulators


You don’t need an ‘emulator’ to use a mouse. You can connect a mouse to your phone as well. The easiest way is using Bluetooth but USB is also easy, you just need an OTG adapter.

I use MEMU to play on my Surface Pro 3 tablet while running Windows at the same time. It’s no problem to install Android natively but I want / need multitasking with Windows programs. Ofc I’m using the touch screen instead of the mouse

True, but this is not related to the ‘emulator’. You can use a wired connection on your phone/tablet too. Just use an USB ethernet adapter and connect the cable.

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Technically its much easier on a phone. If the startposter thinks otherwise, it just shows that he is a noob and has no clue about PC and/or phones and their operating systems. lol

You lost me lol :sweat_smile:

I meant that you can
a) use a mouse without an emulator
b) use a touch screen with an emulator

Is it only gaming preference? I tried playing on tablet and didn’t feel as ‘good’ as on mobile phone. Tried Bluestacks and felt worse. Probably because I dont play games on pc


Most of time I play on my phone but its 6.41 inch display is really small. During wars where I play for hours, I prefer a bigger display. That’s why I use my tablet

I play for hours on my phone. Not sure its even 6 inches lol

That would mean YouTubers like lockdown would have to start recording their phone screen. I have friends that prefer to play the game on their PC. You can cheat on any device so makes no difference really


just makes the game look nice its actually really hard to play and takes time to get better